Rip It Good

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When your knitting goes all wrong
you must rip it!
Before that ladder gets too long
you must rip it!
You’ll never fix your work
unless you rip it!

Okay, okay, so maybe I don’t really love ripping. But everybody does it!  At least I hope they do, because I end up doing a lot of ripping and frogging and more ripping and cursing.

I’ve created this blog with the intention of posting finished projects, works in progress, tutorials or links to other resources I’ve found useful, and for squeeing over various things in the raveling realm.  I hope I can find some readers that get enjoyment out of the same things I do!

About Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday is for a lot of things. Maybe you are really excited about a new book or got some lovely new stash to show off. Perhaps you learned a new tip that’s got you riled up because of how it will change your technique forever. Smaller WIPs and FOs that you can’t wait to post on Wednesday or Friday can go here. And hey, if your pet was super adorable, well, we want to see it, darn it!

My banner was drawn by Jon Burke, who is awesome and fabulous and is the best at drawing my online avatar Calophi and always will be. You can go see some of his other work over at his Tumblr: Atelier Eurkos.

About the Author

Lots of internet people call me Calophi. The ones that know me in real life call me Jen. Either’s fine, really!

I do, of course, have other hobbies besides ones that involve swearing at yarn. I do a lot of reading, and lately my tastes are leaning more towards urban fantasy than anything else.  (No, I don’t like Twilight. Don’t even get me started.) I also listen to a lot of Podiobooks/audio dramas, especially while I’m driving.

Reading fanfiction is another thing that takes up a lot of my time. My fandoms and favored pairings are vast and varied, but if anyone wants to know more I’d be happy to write something up. I used to write fanfiction, too, but I’ve had a bit of writers block lately.

Current television fandoms include Doctor Who, Castle, Fringe, House,  Supernatural, Burn Notice and Futurama.  Technically V and Stargate Universe are also included because they are in my “catch-up” list. =D

I’ve been listening to music less lately because of the podcast thing, but you can check out my profile if you’re curious.