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Newborn Hat With Ear Flaps

Newborn Hat With Ear Flaps


Newborn Hat With Ear Flaps

So widdle iddle!

Pattern: Simple newborn hat with ear flaps by Jessica Felton
Hook: 4.5 mm  (in between G and H)
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport in Baby Denim Marle
Ravelry Project: Click here

Having never made a baby hat before, and also never having a baby before, I have no idea if this will actually fit on a newborn’s head or if it is too big (or too small). Hooray!

I do know the hat is a meager 18 grams and is so much smaller than any hat I’ve ever made I’m sort of boggled about how tiny baby heads are.

I have no idea what that white yarn is around the edges, except it’s very thin and very soft. It sort of feels like Bernat Satin, but it’s thinner than that, I think.

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