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Knit/Crochet Blog Week

Day six: 2nd April. Something to aspire to.

Is there a pattern or skill that you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant? Is there a skill or project that makes your mind boggle at the sheer time, dedication and mastery of the craft? Maybe the skill or pattern is one that you don’t even personally want to make but can stand back and admire those that do. Maybe it is something you think you will never be bothered to actually make but can admire the result of those that have.

Oh goodness. I can think of a lot of things to talk about for today’s topic. I’m nowhere near a master of knitting or crocheting! There’s SO MUCH I haven’t done!


Hairpin Lace Dress

Hairpin Lace Lotus Smock Dress at Stitch Diva Studios

I would LOVE to do something with broomstick or hairpin lace, but every time I look at a pattern my brain goes, “Nuh uh!” Therefore I never go out and get the extra notions I’d need to be able to accomplish any sorts of fancy schmancy lacework.

I also would like to crochet a pair of socks someday.

I’ve crocheted a sweater before, but it’s more of a costume sweater. I’d really like to crochet some garments that are wearable everyday. Perhaps a skirt or a tank top or something. I have books for these things, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Oh my gosh, so much I still need to knit! I have never knit a sweater. I did a sort of sleeveless tank, but it was in super bulky yarn and it didn’t really COUNT as far as I’m concerned. It was basically just a tube with some bind offs and cast ons. I’m planning on knitting a top-down sweater once I’m done with the wedding next year.

Entrelac Book Cover

Entrelac: so purdy!

Entrelac BOGGLES MY MIND. Did you see it? Did you? It’s so AWESOME, but also daunting. I have enough trouble as it is finishing larger garments and doing one with a technique like entrelac is not something that is likely to happen, to tell you the truth. But I want to. I want to SO MUCH.

Steeking scares the crap out of me. What’s steeking, you ask? Steeking is when you just skip leaving a hole in your garment (eg, the armholes of a sweater) and just knit where the hole would be, and later you go back and you CUT THE HOLE INTO YOUR WORK OMG. No thanks! I don’t have the fortitude to do something like this!

Those are the big techniques I’d like to learn and projects I’d love to finish someday. There are even more than that, really, but hey. I need to save some things to tell you about later, right?

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  1. Lovely post. Enterlac is indeed a fun aspiration!

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