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Veil: Bead Detail

Work In Progress Wednesday #3


I got a lot done over Memorial Day Weekend!

The first line of business this week will be a mention only: I finished the Betta Loves Shetland Shawlette that one of my bridesmaids will be wearing at my wedding! Stay tuned for Friday when the pictures will be posted. It really just needed to be blocked and the ends tucked.

Mystery Shawlette Chart C

Mystery Shawlette Chart C

I got through Chart C of the Wendy’s Mystery Shawlette by Friday. It was three repeats and encompassed 72 rows, I believe. I’m not using nearly as much yarn as I thought I would, which is annoying. I hate that my shawls always come out smaller than the designer’s shawls! Maybe I’ll make a headband to match it or something.

Also, I’m hoping this yarn will blossom more upon blocking, because it’s a bit hard to stretch out at the moment.

My wedding veil is now off the needles! It was a grueling bind-off, but at least it’s ready for blocking. I’ve taken some pictures of it just lying there all wrinkled, and also with a few of the points stretched out. I’m pretty sure this thing is going to dry before I finish blocking it! It stretches to a smidge over 2 feet radius at the middle point.

And yes, it’s still driving me crazy that my phone can’t manage to take a picture of this yarn without overlaying a rainbow on top of it. I assure you all, this yarn is an ivory color. No rainbows. =D

Veil: Unblocked

Veil: Unblocked

Veil: Experimental Stretching

Veil: Experimental Stretching

Veil: Bead Detail

Veil: Bead Detail

Chianti: Somewhere in Chart B

Chianti: Somewhere in Chart B

Lastly, because the veil’s almost-completion has left my size 6s free, I’ve started on Chianti, which is the bridesmaid gift for Amanda. Because other people have been posting about 400 yards not being enough to finish, I am dropping out two rows of stockinette each in charts B, C, D, and E with the hopes that it will at least get me to the last row. Though with my luck, I’m actually on gauge for this shawl since all my shawls come out small and that will leave me with a crapload of yarn left over.

I think Chianti might be similar to the fabled Citron shawl in it’s structure, but what makes it tolerable for me to knit is that there are lace sections in between the blocks of stockinette. I can’t believe how fast it grows in each section. The stitch count almost doubles every time. I just did row 12 in chart D and it took me like half an hour. No foolies.

As for the Strangling Vines scarf, I worked on that as well, but it isn’t really big enough to warrant taking another picture.

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  1. The wedding veil looks incredible!

    One thing I hate about shawls is how long each row starts to take as soon as you get past a certain point – I lose the will to live (which might be why I’ve only made 1!)

    • That’s why I really like Wendy’s Mystery Shawlette – because it gets shorter as it goes. :) In fact, she’s designed a handful of shawls already in the past few months and they are all bottom-up construction. I might have to try another one.

  2. Wow – everything looks amazing. Your shawl is going to be stunning

  3. Love the green and it looks like it’s coming along nicely. Your wedding shawl is beyond awesome.

  4. Your shawls are really lovely but your wedding veil is amazing!

  5. WOW, WOW, WOW that wedding veil is amazing.

  6. Your wedding veil is just stunning! I’m enjoying the Mystery Shawlette KAL too and sold on the bottom-up construction. Can’t wait for the next clue.

  7. That veil is incredible!

  8. Your projects are sooo beautiful! I bet the mystery shawl will be larger after blocking. I look forward to seeing it.

  9. I am drooling over the wedding veil!!! :)

  10. Wow, you veil is stunning! Serious skills.

    • The veil is actually super easy! It’s basically just a doily modified to be huge. Two different people modified the same doily. I think the other one is called Panache.

  11. LOL brilliant stuff – I’m off to look up Chianti; I love the yarn you’ve chosen for that

    • All my bridesmaids are getting Handmaiden Sea Silk accessories, and I let them choose their colors and gave them a few pattern options to pick from. The color for Chanti is called “Morgana”.

  12. The mystery shawlette is lovely, it reminds me of a peacock’s tail somehow.

    And wow, the Veil. It is beyond stunning.

  13. Your veil is gorgeous and I feel so lucky that I got to see it in person!!! The pictures really don’t do it justice – the bead work is amazing!! I can’t wait to see more of the mystery shawl – it’s really coming out awesome!!

  14. WOW the veil is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be so proud of it. The shawl is gorgeous too. Can’t wait to see it on Friday fully blocked!

    • I actually have something completely different scheduled for Friday. I’ll probably show the unblocked picture of this shawl on Wednesday and use it for next week’s FOF. I always separate all my FO’s into individual posts, so they won’t be doubled up. :)

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