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Chianti Unblocked

Work In Progress Wednesday #4


I got a lot done since last Wednesday, but there isn’t much to say. Two shawls are off the needles. One is already blocked and is on schedule for Final Object Friday, but I am including the unblocked picture here since a few other people participating in WIPW are making it also: the mystery shawlette.

Mystery Shawlette Unblocked

Mystery Shawlette Unblocked

Chianti is also off the needles. I’ll be detailing that more when I put up the FO post. I’m not sure if it will be next Friday or on some other in between day when I feel like posting. It isn’t blocked yet, and I’m not sure when I’ll be doing it.

Chianti Unblocked

Chianti Unblocked

Chianti Unblocked - Detail

Chianti Unblocked - Detail

Todd asked me today if “I’m ever going to use that yarn over there” and pointed to where my stash is, and he looked skeptical when I told him both of my shawls this week were from that stash. So I broke out the new size P crochet hook, dug through my stash, and started a kitty bed.

So far it’s taken up 2 skeins of fun fur and most of a third, almost 2 skeins of jiffy, and a slew of mystery acrylic in orange, white, and black. I’d have finished it in a day, but I am doing more repeats on the edging than the pattern calls for so I can fold down the sides for a sturdier bed (and also to use more yarn).

Kitty Bed

Kitty Bed

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  1. Excellent stash busting project ;) Can’t wait to see the shawl blocked!

    • Also, in response to your question on my blog – yep, knitting with so many stitch markers isn’t easy, especially as they’re so close together! I’m thinking of getting some plain ones that don’t have dangling beads – might be easier!!!

  2. Beautiful work on the shawls! And I’m impressed with how many skeins of fluffiness you were able to work into your kitty bed — that’s one lucky cat!

  3. I cant wait to finish my mystery shawl. Yours looks fantastic and the inspiration to finish mine off xx

  4. Love those shawls!!
    The kitty bed looks like a great stash-buster!

  5. The shawls are lovely!! Can’t wait to see them blocked.

  6. They are lovely shawls – I adore the colour on the Chianti – it’s really pretty.

  7. How do you make the kitty lie/stay in the kitty bed ? Mine sneer at whatever I’ve tried to do to make them comfy then go sleep on a bannister or something :-) That mystery shawlette is amazing, I’m really looking forward to seeing it blocked :)

    • All I have to do is put her in or pat the inside of it and she gets in and sits there for a while, especially if I pet her while she is in there. She doesn’t stay there for long yet. I’m hoping to find a good place for it where she’ll use it.

      I’m always finding my cat laying on top of my shawls, so that could be the reason why it’s so easy for me to get her into something I made. And she has a piece of felt that she is trained to lay on, too. It’s on the sofa, and when we pat it, she jumps on it and lays down.

      I know people who have managed to towel-train their cats to only lay on the towels and not their furniture, so maybe you could try that? Reward them for sitting where you want, squirt them when they don’t?

  8. Both shawls look wonderful. I love the colors of the Chianti. I need to come up with a stash busting project, too. Must feel good to use up all that yarn.

  9. Oh wow, that Chianti is stunning, and now you’ve got me thinking about making my crazy little cat a kitty bed for next winter…

  10. Love the shawls, I’m still working on my Mystery Shawl … a little behind here, LOL!

  11. Your shawls are BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to see them blocked. As for the stash, good for you on the stash busting project! Whenever I try those, I end up buying MORE yarn to finish them!

  12. Love the shawls and the kitty bed will be oh so cute!!!

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