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You can see the beads in this one.

Work In Progress Wednesday #5


Not surprisingly, I’ve got more lacework in progress to show you this week – a scarf and a shawl.

The shawl is the Aeolian and it is going to be my Maid of Honor’s gift (the only one of the four gift shawls to have beads). I’ve finished the transition chart and I’ll be starting the final agave chart soon. I’m still figuring out the best way for me to do nupps. The first row of them was the very last row in the transition chart, and I made them way too tight.

Aeolian, plus kitty

Aeolian, plus kitty

You can see the beads in this one.

You can see the beads in this one.

I had a hard time doing a crochet cast on with two stitches so I didn’t do it. I wish I had because now the center is too tight and it is going to be noticeable even after blocking.

Beads are size 8/0 seed beads from beadwrangler, #254. They are way too small for the yarn and it’s difficult to string the beads, but I have a ton of them, the colors are perfect, and I wasn’t buyin’ more beads!

Eyelet Fan Scarf

Eyelet Fan Scarf

The other project is sort of an aside thing. I wanted to use up the rest of my palette from my Summer Mystery Shawlette, so I opened up my Harmony Guides Lace & Eyelets book, picked a pattern, and went to down. It’s the one on page 220 – I believe it is called the Eyelet Lace Fan Panel or something. I just gave it some border stitches. I’m doing it on a huge needle. I think it looks okay despite that.

By the by, are we allowed to post up patterns when the stitch for it comes from a book? Other people have used stitches from books for patterns, but I want to be sure. I intend to chart this one since it’s only written out in the book.

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  1. Both projects are looking beautiful!

  2. That eyelet fan scarf look really pretty, I love the colour :)

  3. I think you can post any pattern you want – it’s the work in progress we’re checking out so it shouldn’t matter where the pattern comes from. :-D Both are beautiful and you know I love the blue of your scarf!!

  4. Projects are lookign great and love those kitty paws :)

  5. so delicate and pretty

  6. I LOVE that shawl! I might have to try that one….I love the idea of knitting with beads but have never tried it. Maybe a new challenge!

    • It’s a really engaging knit. You have to pay a lot of attention! It’s probably the most difficult lace I’ve done yet, including my beaded veil. If the only thing in there you haven’t done is beads, go for it. If not, you might want to poke about for something less insane. :)

  7. That eyelet panel is gorgeous, and the shawl? Is going to be the best Maid of Honor gift ever. (So much better than, say, a lame monogrammed pin. My mom has a whole drawer full of those from being in wedding parties…) Sorry about the too-small beads, though.

    • Thanks! I didn’t want to be cheap. These girls are paying a couple hundred dollars for dresses and shoes and makeup and hair, and then they’ll buy me gifts, and help me organize showers. There’s no way I’m giving them a $10 gift. If you look back a bit, the Chianti is for a bridesmaid, and so’s the Strangling Vines scarf.

  8. Both of those projects look lovely :)

  9. I think you are able to post a pattern for a finished product as long as you didn’t use someone’s pattern. A stitch pattern from a compilation book isn’t always something the author designed, but something they documented. You might check the book for a reference to usage, but as long as you are using it in a product you are developing I don’t think it’s an issue. But, I am not a copyright expert.

  10. Your Aeolian is looking lovely :-)

  11. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous, what a lucky maid of honor you have!

  12. Both projects are gorgeous! Your lace work is beautiful.

  13. Your lace projects are both lovely. I agree with Chris.

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