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Dijjit using the blanket.

Squee Sunday #3: V-Stitch Kitty Blanket


Squee Sunday

Dijjit using the blanket.

Dijjit using the blanket.

Pattern: Little V-Stitch Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy (white, rust), Lion Brand Fun Fur (champagne)
Hook: 6.5 mm (K)
Ravelry Link: Click Here



I’ve made this v-stitch blanket once before, so I knew it’d be perfect to quickly get rid of some yarn left over from the kitty bed. I knit as many rows as I could until the orange was gone, and then I went right to the edging. This would have been a baby blanket if it had come out more square.

I changed the edging to a shell edging to use up more of the yarn. The corners are 7dc and the sides have 3dc in each shell, with two spaces in between (give or take where necessary).

This is another case of strategic positioning. Dijjit lays on that part of the sofa every night. It’s like clockwork. I had only to lay down the blanket in that spot and voilĂ ! And she is SO CUTE while just lying there, too.


  1. I just love how Dijjit models for you!!! Very cute blanket – she seems to really love it!

  2. I love that you can trick your (adorable!) cat into modelling for you by exploiting her routine! My cat is way less cooperative—I wanted to include him in my Squee Sunday, but he refuses to be anywhere with photographable light today.

    I love the blanket, the fluffy edging is great and the orangey-brown with with white trim colour combination reminds me of gingerbread. (Yum.)

  3. Love your kitty, she reminds me of my Nickie. He was a wonderful cat and lived for almost 18 years.

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