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WIP Wednesday #21


As with last week, here is the password-protected link to the update on Mom’s present.

If you want the password, you need to ask for it in the comments and I’ll send it over. It is the same one as last week for anyone who has it already. :)

Moving on.

You guys have hexipuffs on the brain. I have no idea why people are going nuts over those things. My interest level in hexipuffs is very, very low. No, my project was an unspeakably adorable horror:

He was given to my friend Matt for his birthday. I have more in progress. I was thinking of giving them out to coworkers for Halloween if I make enough.

Monster Pieces

Started on a pair of gloves that are a commission, but I screwed up the thumb placement and I am not willing to make someone pay money for an imperfect pattern. I am going to adjust the cabling and use my second ball of Swish to try again, and keep these ones for myself, I think. Original pattern is found over at Witchyknits, but I changed it a lot. The cable is in one of the Harmony Guides book but I can’t be arsed to get up and go find it right now, because it’s midnight.

Last, I have been on jury duty since Monday, and my project for the train ride into and out of the city has been a pair of gloves. I just made up the cable as I went. I like it. I made these a bit shorter before the thumb, but I sort of wish I hadn’t. I have only done one thumb increase so far so I think I shall tink it back.

Hahaha, Green Lantern?

For more works in progress, check out Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post for this week!

Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. Aw, cute Cthulhu monster, I want to make one!

  2. Everything looks great! Cthulhu is so cute!
    Don’t tell anyone but I’m right there with you on the hexipuff thing.

  3. Very cthute! Ugh, jury duty for a week?? Are you on a jury? Here, you go for a day and if you don’t get selected by the end of the day, you’re done.

  4. Aww! Is it a Cthulu or a chibi Ood from the Doctor Who universe? Either way, he is very very cute!
    The gloves are turning out nicely as well!

  5. I can admire the hexipuffs, but I have no desire to make any. It sure shows people’s ideas of color-matching though ;-)

  6. Awww your little critters are adorable!! Is there a pattern for them? I got my crochet hooks in the post today :D Eeeek x

  7. OMG!!!!!!! Your monster is too cute. If my friend ever sees it, I’ll have to make one for him too. So. Much. Fun.

  8. Cthulhu is cute! I love him. Good luck with your gloves.

  9. I love your little chtulhu. SO cute.

  10. Hee Hee! They do kinda look like Oods!!! Very cute!! I’ll have you show me the b-day present in person – can I say “haha” to your mom since she has to wait? lol!! I love the cable changes you’ve made to my pattern – so creative!!!

  11. I love your tiny monster, and I also have very low interest in hexipuffs.

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