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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #16


Squee Sunday

The yarn I ordered for an eventual sweater for Todd came in! I ordered it from someone’s Ravelry stash. I’m going to weigh the two wound skeins to confirm how much is there later.

Berroco Vintage in Douglas Fir

Because Todd does all his own laundry, and also because I’m lazy even when I do my own laundry, I wanted the yarn for his someday-sweater to be easy-care. He said he is only going to wear it around the house when it’s cold, so there’s no reason to get him a fancy yarn, anyway.

The sweater is the Raglan Sleeved Henly from the book Knits Men Want, which actually does have knits men want as well as rules to follow when knitting for men. The book is written by a man who, I think, has a male partner that he knits for, so that must be why Todd actually wants a sweater from there.

I am probably going to modify the sweater so there is some ribbing along the hems of the sleeves and sweater body because I don’t like the way it drapes using yarns that aren’t the recommended Llama Silk, and Todd has approved this modification mainly because I don’t think he cares. =D

What did you squee about this week?


  1. Beautiful yarn and the sweater is going to be gorgeous!!! Let me know if you want to borrow my swift and ball winder – I don’t mind you winding it here…

  2. I just knit a lace scarf in this yarn and loved it. Looks like a great pattern

  3. thats a great pattern…i might need to look for this book at the library

  4. That is great yarn! The sweater is going to be wonderful.

  5. Never mind men, I totally want one of those sweaters! The idea of a handknit henley is awesome, and I like the yarn, too, it’s a nice autumn-forest type colour.

  6. I love the yarn you got for the sweater. That F.O is going to be great!!!!!

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