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Pattern: Citron by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton in Mellow II
Needles: US 6 – 4.0 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

This is the present I gave to my mom for her birthday! I always said I’d probably never make a Citron because stockinette is SO BORING, but using a gradient yarn makes it more interesting to make, and I knew when I saw this color that my mom would totally love it.

The yarn is a bit of a pain to knit with. It’s made with four separate plies of cotton that aren’t twisted together at all, and the color changes are made by switching out one ply at a time with the new color. The plies are knotted together and the knots are really small, so they just blend in with the work.

As long as you use a really sharp metal needle, the splitting can be managed, but you still have to keep watch for dropped plies so you can tink down a bit and pick them back up. I wouldn’t use this for a true lace project, though. It’d be harder to fix the split plies.

I was surprised at how well this yarn blocked, too. You can see the difference pretty good in the gallery below. I didn’t think cotton blocked well, but apparently good-quality thin cotton will behave. :)

I didn’t have quite enough yarn to finish this project even though the yardage should have been more than enough. Apparently the cotton works up differently and I ended up a few rows short. I used as much yarn as I could in the last ruffle, and then used the yarnless crochet bind off to finish since it didn’t have to be stretchy.

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  1. Looking good, I love the colours in it. and it blocked really well. I hope your mom loves it!

  2. Why did you have to show that today!!! I am thinking I need to make another Citron, and now you are just reinforcing that. Hmm, what yarn do I need to buy to make one???

  3. It looks beautiful, love the colour ;)

    That yarn sounds really intriguing, no wonder the gradient is so subtle, but I can’t quite get my head around it!

  4. Ooh, love the autumn colors in that ! I thought Citron would be a terribly boring knit too, but I really enjoyed it. I think it’s the fast start that hooked me.

  5. That’s really lovely. I’d not thought of knitting Citron in a graduated yarn.

  6. Looks like it was worth working with the finicky yarn. The gradual color change with those Fall/Sunset colors is really beautiful.

  7. Wow! What an amazing Citron…and so much hard work to make the colors change! LOL I’m far too lazy to do that. What a great gift :D

  8. This is such a beautiful shawl! Gorgeous autumn colors!

  9. Very pretty! I really like the colors!

  10. I love the gradient in the yarn (I’m into all things ombre lately)! The yarn sounds like a pain but the result was well worth it.

  11. I do LOVE it!!!

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