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WIP Wednesday #27


I got a lot done this week! The Baby Dragon Scarf is off the needles, and Aeolian has been blocked, so look for those in upcoming FO Fridays!

As for WIPs, I started a baby blanket. My blocks are coming out to about 4.5 inches, so I’m making the blanket 6×6 with a continuous braided join. I think that should get the blanket to at least the 30 inches square I’m shooting for.

I have 12 blocks done so far, which is about 25% of the blanket, yay! The above picture was taken when I only had 8 blocks.

I’m trying to make this square and smaller and plainer than my other blankets because I’ve noticed that in all the baby pictures people have put up, it’s never the blanket I made in the pictures but someone else’s, and I would like people to actually USE my blankets!

I also have a pair of gloves cast on – another set of the Bunny Loop Fingerless Mitts. I pretty much have the basic glove pattern memorized, so all I ever have to do is change the cables. Thanks again, Witchyknits!

For more works in progress, check out Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post for this week!

Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. The mitts are going to be lovely. Looking forward to seeing the FO

  2. I can’t wait to see that dragon scarf since it’s off the needles now! :) Your baby blanket squares are so cute with the pastel variegated yarn instead of just a plain white.

  3. Oooh, everyone seems to have lots of progress this week! Can’t wait to see your finished projects. The blanket squares look cute – maybe people feel like a handmade blanket is too special to use?!

    • Nah, both of the people I am thinking of each received a second homemade blanket that was smaller and more plain than the one I made, and in both cases that simpler blanket is the one in all the friggin’ pictures.

  4. I love the colours and the squares for the baby blanket! People are silly to not use home made, it’s the best! Love the mitts too, two at a time–brilliant!

  5. I think your baby blanket looks lovely and I’m sure it’ll be used for a photo!

  6. Aww, I like your little baby blankets, wish I was that skillful with a needle! How long exactly did it take for you to make one of those baby blankets?

  7. I love your squares for the blanket, and the gloves are looking fantastic. I’m impressed that you can work on them two at a time!

    • The first thing I learned to do when I started socks was to learn 2 at a time on a magic loop, because:

      a) I noticed when I made gloves my second glove was always tighter, and

      b) I would never finish the second sock if I wasn’t making it at the same time as the first sock.

      Now I just do all pairs of things at the same time if I can so they’ll be the same size. :)

  8. Squee!!! Love to see the cables you come up with for my mitts pattern!!! They always look so awesome!!! YAY!!!

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