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Baby Dragon Scarf


Pattern: Baby Dragon Scarf by Lankakomero
Yarn: CPY Panda Superwash
Needles: US 5 – 3.75 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here


I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do with this thing. It isn’t a particularly easy scarf to wear or I’d have taken a picture of me wearing it, heh. I don’t have the moxie to pull it off, I guess.

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, even though I look silly in it. It’s about 5.5 feet long and I used almost all of the yarn. I don’t particularly want to give it away, but I know I won’t wear it. Anyone want to offer something as a trade?

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  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous :) I can see that it might be difficult to wear though – I can’t actually picture it at all!

    If it doesn’t suit you as a scarf, would it work as a (very fancy) table runner?

  2. It did come out very lovely, but I don’t know how it should be worn either… I like Nat’s suggestion of a table runner!

  3. It looks great! Nat’s suggestion makes sense. Since I can’t see it on, I don’t know if you truly can’t “pull it off” :).

  4. The scarf is so pretty. Maybe it will grow on you…

  5. I think it’s darling, but you are right, how to wear it.

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