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WIP Wednesday #29


Same WIPs this week as last week, but because of the long break two of these are actually DONE!

Here are all 36 baby blanket squares, all ready to be put together. I had finished these on Friday.

I still have to wash the blanket and take pictures of it, so expect it to be the FO for next week, I think.

I finished these mitts also, but here’s a picture of them when I’d gotten through the thumbs:

And the next color of the cross stitch beer has been completed. I did this just today (Tuesday) and it took me an hour and a half. Bleh!

Oh, oh, and I almost forgot about this one because I never post about it because I had sort of become disheartened with it, but did any of you guys remember I was making a skirt? Yes? LIARS NO YOU DIDN’T, you forgot until I reminded you just now! Anyway, I just took a quick blurry picture of it because it’s finally at 12 inches and I can start decreasing for the waist.

For every 4 rows, I need to do an extra two rows to meet gauge, or thereabouts. I am dreading the elastic insertion. Then after I get the waist done, I pick up at the bottom where the stich markers are and start crocheting the lacy part of the skirt. That’s the fun part!

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  1. An hour and half to cross-stitch the beer foam? Bleh indeed. I’ve deleted that from my queue!

    Cute mitts; I guess I’ll see them on Friday!

    • It was more like an hour, to be honest, and it’s only for the darker yellow and not the foam. Also, I was at knitting group, so there was talking in between stitches. I’m not an experienced cross-stitcher yet so I’m still a bit slow, just like how I used to be slower at knitting when I started.

  2. I’ll be honest, I had forgotten about the skirt, but I’m please you picked it up again :) Mitts look cute, looking forward to the FO post!

  3. I mentioned on someone’s else blog that I want to do a blanket this year as a year long project. I’m not a crocheter, but was thinking of doing a granny square blanket. That should be easy for a beginner crocheter, right?

  4. Hi Calophi! Selphish@LJ here. :D

    I’m just cross stitching for the first time since junior high, so I’m excited to see someone else working on one (and likely understanding its frustrations). Hope to see your completed cross stitch soon! :D

  5. Love the blanket squares and I’m looking forward to seeing the skirt. Good luck with the elastic insertion!

  6. The mitts and squares look great! I can’t wait to see all your FOs!

  7. Oh I can’t wait to see that skirt! I have one in my queue but won’t get around to it for several months so I’ll stare at yours instead for awhile :). Congrats on getting all the squares for the baby blanket done, now the fun part of all those ends! Oh the tedious work begins but it’ll be worth it and look lovely when it’s done!

  8. The skirt sounds great, apart from the gauge issues. The cross stitch is looking great :) I’m looking forward to seeing the mits on Friday, and I love the colours for the baby blanket. You’ve been really busy this week! :)

  9. I’m definitely interested in seeing how the skirt turns out! and the blanket. and the mitts….

  10. I like your knitting blanket..I really want to learn how to make knitting..Your scarf looks really nice..Thanks for sharing to us..

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