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WIP Wednesday #31


I don’t have much for you today because I’m practically drowning in FOs! I did get a LOT done on my skirt, but it’s way too dark in here to take a picture of it. You guys are gonna love that skirt SO MUCH. I finished the top half – elastic is in and everything, and I’m starting on the lacy bottom half now.

Anyway, all you get today is this:

Guess all you want. You and I both know you’ll never figure out what this is, which is why I put it here. Jay reads this blog and all he knows is that he’s getting something in a coaster. :) This is one of my FOs, by the way, but I took this picture over the weekend, I think.

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  1. Drowning in FOs sounds like a pretty good place to be! Not even gonna try and guess what the picture is though ;)

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing everything on Friday!

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