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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #25


Squee Sunday

I don’t have anything too specific to squee about this week. Aside from a huge thank you to my friend Jay and his mom for making me $30 richer by way of a gift certificate to Joanns….you get the default: Cat post!

People asked me how I get my cat to use such things as the kitty bed I made her. To be honest, for the pictures I took for the initial post, the cat was just obliging me. She ignored the bed for a long time, so I laundered it, and then:



Can you see it? That’s right! A heating pad! CVS has some nice store-brand ones that are cheap and don’t have that stupid 2-hour timer on them. I generally try to remember to turn the thing off at night and turn it back on when I get up. =D

What did you have to squee about this week?


  1. I actually started a Stash Sunday for myself a few weeks back….but I’m supposing it fits here as well….

  2. So cute. The heating pad is brilliant! I may have to make a cat bed and buy a heating pad now. :-)

  3. What a cute idea!!! She looks very comfy!

  4. Default cat squee = the best kind. Especially when accompanied by a photo that sweet and cozy. <3

  5. Soooo cute! I really am missing having a heating pad, especially now that it’s winter. They just don’t exist over here :( It’s the little things!

  6. Very cute cat! Sleeping like no problem at all…

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