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WIP Wednesday #38


Had a busy week! Adelei and the 22 Leaves Shawlette have finally been soaked and blocked, and I started a couple new projects.

First up is my wedding garter. I have a cheapie one to toss that my mom picked up at Joann’s, but I wanted to make my own. I decided to knit it instead of crochet because I found a free pattern online that knits with lace weight yarn, and that would allow me to use the leftover yarn from my veil.

Garter at 6 pattern repeats

It’s being knit on size 0 needles, and it’s SO TINY. I only used these needles once before on my Gansey Girl socks, and the yarn for that was much thicker and easier to tension.  I’m at about 11 repeats in, and it’s at about 14 inches when a bit stretched. I think I am going to stop around 18 inches stretched.

Since I am afraid to take the garter anywhere, I finally cast on something with the Slubtastic yarn I mentioned a few Squee Sundays ago: a hooded scarf.

Slubtastic Hooded Scarf

It’s so ugly. I LOVE IT OMG. I took that pic when the hood was halfway through. I just finished the decreases on it and I think it’s about to split up for the scarf part. Very exciting stuff!  The pattern didn’t call for the hood to be sewn up until the end, but I already sewed it up because the yarn end was in my way and there’s really no reason not to sew it up. It isn’t like this yarn is gonna block well to help with the seaming.

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  1. Your hood looks great!
    The garter is beautiful! It’s so delicate.

  2. Spooky – I was just looking at the Adelei pattern page on Rav today …. I shall go check your rating/comments on it :)

  3. The garter looks great and so delicate! :)

  4. That garter is beautiful!

  5. You are so funny with that hooded scarf!! It’s so ugly… hahaha!!! Love the garter!

  6. Where did you find the garter pattern?

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