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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #32


Squee Sunday

Since I had a rather mopey week last week due to my layoff, you’d think I wouldn’t have anything to squee about. But there’s something to squee about today!

I finally went to the florist and got all my bridal party flowers picked out. Now, I suck at naming flowers, but luckily the florist sent me a paper with all the important ones on there. And I took some pictures of the pictures in the book (yo dawg?) so I could show them to people.

That’s basically my arm bouquet. The calla lilies will be white instead of green. The dendrobium orchids are staying green, and there will also be some yellow oneidium orchids.

My man will be getting the green dendrobium orchids. :)

As for the bridesmaids:

They also get arm bouquets because I don’t like traditional poofy round bouquets. Theirs will be yellow cymbidium orchids.

All the groomsmen will also get yellow cymbidium orchids. Men in our immediate families will get cymbidium orchids as well (some will be white), and the women will get matching double-orchid wrist corsages.

Since there was so much wiggle room in our budget (thanks, Mom2!) I inquired about getting flowers for the mantle at Cottage Green so we could do pictures there instead of outside.

Sort of blah, am I right? According to this paper I have here, the mantle will have a long piece consisting of cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, calla lilies, oncidium orchids, bells of Ireland, yellow lilies, and green spider mums. I CAN’T WAIT.

What did you squee about this week?


  1. Oh, they are so pretty – breathtaking actually! You’re wedding is going to be so amazing and that is definitely lots to squee about!!!

    BTW, I’ve awarded you versatile blogger again!!! Hee Hee! Thought I’d share the love!

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