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Kerttu socks

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I don’t really relish the thought of spamming my project sections with work in progress (WIP) updates, so I’m going to mash them all into one category and keep the drill-downs for finished objects (FOs).

Spring Surprise

A doily comes to mind...

My main project right now is a crocheted baby blanket called “Spring Surprise” for my friend Jeremy, since his woman shall be having a kid soon.  My yarn is smaller than the recommended yarn, and even though still using an I hook I am afraid the thing is going to turn out too small.  I might have to frog it look around for my K hook or something.   Right now I’m about to start row 14, and since that’s the halfway point I figure I’ll measure it and see if double that diameter is big enough to use properly.

Kerttu socks

They don't look like much now, do they?

The other thing I’m working on are my Kerttu socks. I’ve actually restarted this one a few times because I am an idiot and I never do a gauge swatch. Suffice it to say that the size large was huge on me, and the size small was STILL too big, so I had to drop my needle size down to 3s, which is pretty small for a worsted weight sock. I think I’m going to be alright now, though.  I’ve got them on a single circular so I can do them at the same time. Otherwise they’ll come out two different sizes.

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