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Kerttu Socks

Kerttu Socks


Kerttu Socks

The detail really shows through in the sunlight.

Pattern: Kerttu -sukat / Kerttu socks by Paula Paajanen
Yarn: Worsted weight mystery wool
Needles: US 3 – 3.25 mm KnitPicks Circular, 2 at a time magic loop
Ravelry Project:  Click Here

I had to shrink the needles down to a size 3 to get a gauge that wouldn’t be swimming on my feet (even with the “small” size, which was really only 4 stitches less), and they still feel a bit loose.  I still find it really odd that my shawls always come out at a smaller gauge and my socks are always larger than the pattern gauge.

I ribbed the top of the socks because I hated how the written cuff rolled down.  I did 5 pattern repeats before going into the foot and I still have yarn left. I’m wondering if there’s enough to do matching fingerless gloves.  Maybe if I take out the double decrease lace on either side and just do the mock cables?

The pattern itself was fairly easy to remember but challenging enough to not be boring.  I did a honeycomb heelflap with a garter stitch edge, and basic toe decrease to 14 stitches before joining the edges with kitchener.  I wish I had stopped the design a little earlier for some plain toe, but they don’t look half bad.

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