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Modron Socks

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Still not blocked, but meh.

Pattern: Modron by Renee Leverington
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns Silk Blend – Mulberry
Needles: US 2 – 2.75 mm

This started off as a mystery sock pattern in 11/09. ¬†Everyone was having trouble getting the two socks to match since one sock always looked awesome and the other had these sort of gaping holes, so Renee ended up changing the pattern. I didn’t really like the new pattern either, so I just finished it with the original pattern. Eventually.

I really don’t like the yarn but I suspect that the seller I bought it from didn’t take good care of it and that is why it is scratchy instead of soft. I’m hoping that when I finally do get around to blocking these, they’ll soften up.

I don’t really like how baggy it is around my ankle since the ribbing doesn’t really tuck in on itself well and stretches a bit more than usual (it’s k2, p4). ¬†I’ll probably just wear them on days where I’m sitting around the house and my feet are cold.

One Comment

  1. Sometimes we have to make things that don’t turn out so well… it makes the good ones so much more special!

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