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Shauna & Lion #1

Crocheted Animal Sculptures


Since sometimes I’m lazy about posting my finished objects here, but I still spend a bit of every day looking at knit and crochet projects online, I thought I’d start posting fantastically amazing, amazingly fantastic finds here. ¬†This IS a raveling blog, after all, and everyone needs a bit of inspiration!

Obviously this is the first of such posts, which I am lovingly calling “Ravelry in the Wild” because I feel like it.

Today’s find features Shauna Richardson’s animal sculptures. Shauna’s been commissioned to crochet three giant lion sculptures to celebrate London 2012, and you can see why! ¬†Click the picture below to see more examples of her work and watch a video about the Lionheart Installation.

Shauna & Lion #1

Shauna & Lion #1

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