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Coverage, or lack thereof.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow-centric Monokini


Coverage, or lack thereof.

Coverage, or lack thereof.

Pattern: the pineapple monokini by Tracy Knowles
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Fixation Spray Dyed/Effects in Harvest (#9860)
Hook: 4.0 mm (G)
Ravelry Link: Click Here

Let’s see you claim my hobby is for grannies now, nay-sayers!

Okay, I guess it isn’t teeny weeny at all considering I’m a size 12, but it’s a catchy title, right? =D

This is supposed to look like various monokinis available on the internet in the range of $40-$100 (a bit cheaper on ebay, though). The colorway was going to be discontinued so I got it for $3/ball. I used 3 balls of yarn for my monokini: $9, SCORE! And it only took me 4 days to make.

Full frontal!

Full frontal!

This monokini would have looked much better in a solid color yarn. You can barely see the pineapple lace because of all the crazy colors.  I really like the stripey effect on the cups though.

The pattern is not very well written and most people, like me, have had to fudge and modify and interpret in various places. I used kiwiwerewolf’s modified briefs, which changed how they increased for a wider fit. I had to make the sides wider too, and then I had to do a LOT of decreasing to get it to fit snugly because it was gapping in the back where I narrowed down (the original pattern only decreased on the sides). I also had added some extra height while doing the sides.

When doing the top, I decided the torso wasn’t long or wide enough so I added two more rows at the top in such a way to widen it a bit. I did the cups as written, then increased it by 5 extra rows with the 5th being the cute lace that goes all the way around the cups. They came out just a smidgen big and not that close to the center, so I pulled it together in a teardrop in the center, and sewed some of the cup along the strap to pull them out further and tighten them up.

I wore the monokini into the shower and it took to the water quite well because of the elastic content in the yarn. I would trust it in a water fight, or a sprinkler, or even going down a log flume at an amusement park. However, I think being completely submerged in a pool might just pull it off. I can tighten it up a little before testing it, too. Who has a pool that won’t be traumatized if I have a wardrobe malfunction? =D


  1. Now, for all the atrocities of crocheted/knit swimwear I have seen, this one is definitely an exception. I love the fact that it’s a bikini in essence, but that the pineapple detailing could hide some tummy issues:) Great job forging on with a problematic pattern, it looks great!

    • That’s exactly why I love monokinis so much. I hate my tummy but I love my sides, so this style of bathing suit makes me happy. I have a proper one also. :)

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