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Mystery Shawl: Dijjit Investigates

Work In Progress Wednesday #1


I decided to join in the trend of putting up Work in Progress posts on Wednesdays. That will keep give me enough time to actually make progress on things and keep the posts from getting spammy, but aren’t too far apart that you’re left wondering what I’m doing.

You won’t be getting a picture of the veil today. I missed the transition between the pattern being every other row to being on every 4th row, so I have to tink back to the beginning of the row I’m on (thankfully only a couple pattern repeats) and do the proper row.  It’s just a pain because of the beads.

I haven’t gotten much further on the Strangling Vines scarf either, but I have to head in to Philly to watch my cousin graduate from Temple Law tomorrow, so I expect to get a chunk of that done while on public transportation.

Don’t despair, though!  You DO get a picture today!  I cast on another shawl even though I really don’t have time to do another shawl, hahaha!  It’s Wendy D. Johnson’s Summer Mystery Shawlette and I have made my excuses thusly:

  • It’s knit from the bottom up, so the first two clues are the longest rows and it only gets shorter from there. I might actually be motivated to finish along with the rest of the KAL rather than giving up because everyone finished and I’m stuck on a stupid long row.
  • One of my bestest friends is also trying it!
  • It’s a small shawl, so in the vicinity of 400 yards, instead of one of those abominably huge 800-1000 yard shawls that still only gives you a month to finish along with the KAL. o.O
  • I had yarn sitting in my stash that would work, and I forgot why I bought that yarn in the first place.
Mystery Shawl: Dijjit Investigates

Dijjit investigates my spinities.

Mystery Shawl: Spinities

Spinities! It'll stretch more with blocking.

Mystery Shawl: The Center

I like the thick center spine.

I’m doing this in Knit Picks Palette, in Tidepool Heather. It isn’t a color I’d normally get for myself. I wonder if I got it on sale or something?

I cast on with size 7 needles, and switched to 5s for the actual knitting.  This is my first time using the lace cast on (scroll down to see it).  It’s almost exactly the same as a knitted cast on except you don’t twist the stitch before putting it on the needle.   It makes it look like the stitches are on the needle wrong, but once you knit across you’re left with a stretchy lacy edge instead of a stiffer sort of crocheted edge.

I’ve finished clue 1, which is 12 rows. It already feels like it’s going by quicker with every row. I can’t wait for the next clue, which is on Sunday!

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Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday

Edit: Here’s a better shot of the yarn. I took this picture in the sunlight and it’s much more true to color than the one I took in my cave-bedroom. -_-

Palette: Tidepool

Palette: Tidepool


  1. Why did you cast on with one size and switch? Love the yarn cakes…awesome color

    • Well, it was written in the pattern to do so, but I can tell you why it was written that way, too. :)

      The cast on edge is the bottom edge of the shawl, and it needs to be stretchy so that it can move with the rest of the stitches and block nicely. by going up a needle size during cast on, it ensures that the edge won’t be too tight.

      I have also gone up needle sizes to bind off shawls, or to cast on or bind off sock cuffs.

  2. Beautiful colour, it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous shawl :)

  3. Welcome to WIPW! Thanks for joining us. I have to say, you’re the second person in WIPW working on this right now for the KAL and it’s going to be SO fun to see how both progress. I LOVE the color of Palette you chose. It’s perfect!

  4. Looking good! You made a lot of progress since Tuesday!!

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