Rip It Good
Yay, the arm seems to fit!

Work In Progress Wednesday #9


I finally got the Strangling Vines scarf off the needles this week! It is not yet blocked, and might not be for another month or two, because I like to save finishing projects for the year-long KAL over at Crystal Palace Yarn. This is why I’m not doing that new year-long finishing projects thing, because I’m already doing something similar, and this is my second year.

But here’s a picture of it unblocked for you. Dijjit decided to lay on my bag of WIPs so I couldn’t use them earlier so I punished her by making her wear the scarf.

Dijjit models.

Dijjit models.

I mentioned making a swatch last week. Well, that swatch is becoming a shrug! It is the Pixie Shoulderette from the book Punk Knits.

Yay, the arm seems to fit!

Yay, the arm seems to fit!

Criss-crosses in the back.

Criss-crosses in the back.

It measures out long flat, but if I SC up the arm seam and put it on, it stretches the width instead of the length and fits pretty good. It has neat ladders going up the arms on purpose to look ripped BECAUSE IT’S PUNK SHUT UP I LIKE IT IT’S NOT FOR YOU! And it has spiffy criss-crosses in the back. I think this yarn is perfect for this project.

If you want to see more WIPs, go check out Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post.

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  1. That shrug is the whole reason I bought that book, too. I really need to find some yarn and make it.

  2. Haha! Dijjit is so funny!!! Love the Punk Shrug!!!!

  3. Love the punk top – the sleeves look amazing ;)

  4. What a cute scarf model! Nice work on the shrug too.

  5. Dijjit is a very good model! Great scarf! The shrug is looking good too!

  6. Those sleeves are wonderful! (I liked that part of the post too!!!)


  7. That shrug is going to be awesome!!

  8. I love it and the colors are wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  9. I NEED that book! Love the shrug!

  10. Well no one would ever think of me as punk lol, but I LOVE that shrug, what a cool look!

  11. Punk knits looks a fab book. I love the sleeve – just my thing x

  12. Very cool shrug. Its going to look great on you.

  13. I’m anxious to see your shrug, what a cool funky start.

  14. Love the shrug! Your kitty is soooo cute!!!

  15. I think that yarn is perfect for that shrug, looks great!

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