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I have removed the IE Warning from my blog. IE 9 is running fairly smoothly with all the resizing stuff changing the layout. I changed IE 7 and 8 to not shrink past 970 pixels. What this means is that if your screen layout is less than 1024 pixels wide and you are using IE 7 or IE8, you will get a horizontal scrollbar. Sorry!

IE6 users are SOL. I didn’t even try. NOT SORRY! Not even Google supports IE6 anymore because it is easily hackable, and Microsoft themselves have a website all about watching IE6 finally die.

Lastly, I figured out how to pull in the links from my raveling section on Google Reader, so now you get a comprehensive list of all the knit and crochet blogs I follow. I believe there are 50+ of them right now. Depending on your browser size, they’ll be in the white sidebar, or below the main content of the page.


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