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War Against WIPs

War Against WIPs #4


War Against WIPs

(See more people declaring war this week!)

I have completed squares 51 and 52, and I did a bit of research on how to join this stuff together. I don’t really want to single crochet or slip stitch blocks together because it leaves a ridge, and I hate whip stitching. There are continuous joins that I think would work, but I there is a chance I’ll need to hunt for another skein of the variegated yarn if I do that.

I’d never done the star stitch before. I dig it. I wonder what else that stitch might be called so I can see if any garments are made with it?

#51: Star Stitch

#52: Up and Down Stitch


  1. Your squares are looking great! I love star stitch. I made a scarf for my mum for Christmas that used it. I love it, it’s so soft and flexible!

  2. That star stitch is cool! You could just design something that uses it…. =)

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