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WIP Wednesday #14


it’s Tuesday night and I’m beat from getting up at 6am to bake some cookies I’d left in the fridge overnight, so I gotta get this done so I can crash.

I blocked the Mochilito scarf this weekend and I finished the Pixie Shrug. I’m feeling too mean to give you FO pictures on a WIP Wednesday, BUT…the pixie shrug is practically a shapeless mess when it isn’t on, so you can see it tossed on the floor.

I got 9 more rows done on my Washed Ashore Afghan. The picture below was taken when I had only finished 6 rows, but even then it was pretty big. It’s hard to tell from the picture but this thing’s already a nice lapghan. It had an 18 inch radius at the time. Actually, you can see some flip flops in the corner. Those are adult-sized, I believe, so that gives you a bit of reference.

Heh, the brown matches the floor.

And last I got a few more rows done on Aeolian. They were some nupp rows and took forever. I figured out another way to present it to you without it being the same boring picture, too:

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  1. Hahaha!! Love the “backlighting” for Aeolian. =) It’s gorgeous…nuppalicious!

  2. LOL I can’t believe your cavalier treatment of your new shrug !

  3. The shrug looks… interesting positioned that way ;) Can’t wait to see proper FO pics!

  4. I’m loving that Aeolian Shawl! I’ve never done nupps, but I can imagine they aren’t the most fun to create!

  5. The Aeolian is stunning! I would never be able to knit something like that. I’d go mad ;)

  6. You’re very busy – lots of projects on the go :)
    I love how Aeolian looks with light behind it! Very nice!

  7. Oh, can’t wait to see Aeolian done!!!

  8. My favourite is still the pixie shrug, am super excited to see it on friday not on the floor but on you!

  9. The texture on the Aeolian is just unreal, I love it. And the Pixie shrug is so intriguing (which I think I said last Wednesday, but it continues to be true)! I can’t wait to see it worn. The afghan looks great, too, its openness seems like an excellent trait for in-between weather.

  10. Oh, the Aeolian is looking wonderful! I love that pattern (so much I’ve knit two of them so far!) Can’t wait to see the shrug modeled!

  11. I love your Aeolian, I can’t wait to see it finished :)

  12. Wow, that shawl is going to be gorgeous! And now I’m off to look up your shrug, because I can’t quite figure out how it works from the picture. If I had any patience, I’d just wait until FO Friday… :)

  13. Everything looks great, hope you get some much needed rest.

    • Then it’s my opinion that you didn’t actually have the right number of stitches, or when you started in on row 1 you dc’ed into the wrong chain. I’d just end it without doing an arch at that point, with the ch 3 and 3dc into the last dc, though you may have to make an adjustment in the row after to get the picots to line up. :)

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