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Winning at Mermaiding


I saw this picture today at WinningAtEverything.Com and just had to share it with the raveling community. OMG SO CUTE CROCHETED BABY MERMAID OUTFIT! (This is from a site that normally makes a snarky comment about the photo they blog about, but they were unable to muster up the strength to do it for this picture, heehee).


  1. Oh, my, I am laughing SOOO much right now… and wondering if I could possibly figure how to do this in time for Halloween :)

  2. That is just too funny and too cute!!!!

  3. Hi!!! I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! I love that you have organized us to talk about topics on a weekly basis and I have learned so much by checking out the blogs of people in the group.
    Go here to see who else I nominated.

  4. he! he! he!
    that is twice today that I’ve seen baby mermaid pants….I’m thinking i might need to take this as a sign and make a pair

  5. Does anyone know where I can find this pattern? Thanks for the help.

    • I don’t know where this specific pattern is, but if you belong to Ravelry, you can search there for “baby mermaid” and a bunch of them come up.

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