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War Against WIPs

War Against WIPs #9


War Against WIPs

(See more people declaring war this week!)

Here are the last two blocks of my afghan:

#61: Rib Stitch

#63: Parallel Cables

And here’s a picture of the block joining in progress. It is a continuous join that starts and ends at the top right, and goes through each side of the square once. It’s awesome to not have to tuck in lots of little ends.

Three Columns Complete

I’d be announcing that the afghan joining was completed yesterday and all that’s left is to make sure ends are secure and the blanket is laundered, but alas! It was not meant to be.

Crafter's Worst Nightmare

Tell it, Calculon!

In other words, I have to get another skein of yarn. Good thing I’ve got a scrapghan started. ::sigh::


  1. Thanks I just spit coffee all over my screen when I got to the last 2 pics! The ghan looks great! Sorry the yarn didn’t hold out. I’ll look for it tonight. It’s called Fall, right? Looks like you could use left overs to make turkey pins!

    • Nah, I got the last skein from Michaels, so I’ll just go there and get it Friday night. I can’t go tonight because I have pole class.

      I figured I’d use it to join my scrapghan, and now I’ll just have to make sure the scrapghan is all fall colors. I know I have yellow, green, red, and orange. Just not the same shades I already used. :)

  2. Argh, such a shame, must be annoying to run out so close to the end too! Love the idea of a continuous join, cunning plan ;)

  3. Aw, MAN! SO close! Well, I celebrate with you that all the squares are done!! And very very soon you’ll have a snuggly ghan.

  4. But your squares are done – yay! I love the parallel cables square. Very pretty detail.

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