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Slip Stitch Cowl and Gloves


10th Floor Cowl

Pattern: 10th Floor Cowl by Vickie Howell
Yarn: Mystery Acrylic
Needle: US 8 – 5.0 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

Pretty warm, actually

I made this cowl to go with the Simply Sliphat I made for Sam out of clown barf yarn she gave for me to attempt to make something with.

I made some modifications to the cowl so it’d match the hat better. Plus, it’s in the round, because I’m lazy. There are more notes in my Ravelry project, but to get it to come out similar, you cast on 84 stitches in the round, do whatever border you want with color A, then use this slip stitch pattern:

Row 1-3: With B, k3, sl1 around
Row 4: With A, k around
Row 5: With A, p3, k1 around

Slip Stitch Gloves

Yarn: Mystery Acrylic
Needle: US 8 – 5.0 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

Yay motion blur!

I still had yarn, so I split it in half and invented some gloves. I couldn’t even tell you what I did to make them now. I didn’t write it down because they were hodgepodge and fit funny. And by funny, I mean I couldn’t spread my fingers all the way apart, as you can see in the picture. Sam likes them though, so that’s all that matters!

And then I still had MORE yarn, so Sam’s kitties got some Kitty Tweets. These were really fun to make. I would make them again for definitely.

Heckle and Jeckle?

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  1. Wow, you got a lot of use out of that yarn, and made pretty non-clown barf things with it :) I really like the cowl

    • Oh, and to respond to your question on my blog – I turned the socks inside out – much easier! I half followed the principles of the Daylong sock pattern, but in the end just went for a regular ribbed sock and turned it inside out :)

  2. Nice cowl and gloves! Love the birdies though they are super cute!

  3. Brilliant FO projects, the birds are super cute! have a lovely weekend x

  4. Everything is great! That yarn is so pretty.

  5. Cute! Good use of the yarn and it doesn’t look like clown barf at all! ;)

  6. Wow – love, love love them all!!! Next time you make a pattern though, write it down!! Those mitts are cute!!!

  7. Very pretty! And I love how the yarn is a “mystery acrylic” – I have some of that!!

  8. What a great way to use up mystery yarn. Lovely cowl and such darling little birdies!

  9. That’s a great cowl, and I love your birdies!

  10. Oh, wow, I just ADORE that cowl!!!!!

  11. I loved the hat, and the matching cowl and gloves are awesome, too—I really love the way you used the rainbow clown barf yarn in a way that makes it look…not rainbow clown barf. :D And the kitty tweets are adorable, I love that you did them in inverse colours like that, and may have to make some of my own…

  12. Love the clown barf accessories!! Great for a funny night out on the town! =D

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