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War Against WIPs

War Against WIPs #12


War Against WIPs

(See more people declaring war this week!)

I got another 4 rows of my shawl done, but since I think it’s futile to keep putting up pictures of a project when nobody but me is going to be able to tell what I added to it, here’s a picture of a man with a windmill in his beard.

In another 10 rows I’ll have finished the chart I’m on, and that’s when you’ll get a new picture.


  1. *laughs* I know what you mean – I get to a point where if even I can’t see the 10 rows I’ve added then a picture is a bit pointless!

  2. ROTFLOL!!!!! I love the logical conclusion of that sentence: “since it’s futile…here’s a picture of a man with a windmill in his beard.” Perfectly logical. LOL!!!!!!

  3. Now that is an attention catching picture. lol Your logic is completely understandable.

  4. Well thanks for an entertaining pic since you’re not posting one of the shawl,LOL!!

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