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WIP Wednesday #24


I’ve finished the cross stitch project, but here’s a WIP picture from when I was spending hours at vet appointments. Those hours are probably the only reason this thing is done. :) Can you tell what it is now?

Also I want to try to find a way to make a little money for the cat’s vet bills, so I am working on some hand-knit kitty toys. These count as WIPs because they still need some embroidery and ends tucked, but we have a monster as requested by a friend of mine, and the other one will get a skeleton face. What do you think? Would people buy these for $3-$4? They are made out of cotton and have catnip and stuffins in them.

In case anyone wanted kitty progress, she is still pooping solids though she is being picky with eating. I think it’s because she can taste the medicine, but she ain’t gonna gain weight that way! Stinkin’ cat.

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Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. I think $3-4 is a bargain for handmade cat today. They are very cute too.
    I’m glad to hear your cat is doing well.

  2. Is he a roasting marshmallow? (I’m so not good at guessing what WIPs are!)

  3. Love the little kitty toys … I’m not sure what they go for but your price doesn’t seem outrageous.

    Yay for kitty’s solid poop. :D Good to hear she’s staying on the mend.

  4. Hope kitty continues to get better and better! At least you get craft time in waiting.

  5. Glad Dijjit is doing better – maybe I need some of her meds… :( The toys are cute – I have no idea what prices should be though… maybe ask around our knitting group?

  6. I think it really depends on where you are selling them :). Some people would be like, what a bargain, and it’s handmade too! And someone else will be like, what a rip off! I can get it for 30 cents at (insert name of big box store here).

  7. For a handmade cat toy, I think it’s a bargin. and they’re so cute too. You’d just have to target the right people

  8. I’m sorry to hear your kitty’s not well. :( I hope she improves quickly!

    Also, I think what you’re asking for those kitty toys is perfectly reasonable!

  9. Sorry to hear your kitty is ill.

  10. Poor kitty. Hope it continues to get better. I’d buy one for my cat! He’s really snobby. Maybe handmade is just what he needs.

    Nice cross stitching ;)

  11. Cat toys are a great idea, good luck selling them. Sorry I can’t help you price them, I don’t have a cat! Hope she is fully recovered soon.

  12. Poor kitty. They are so miserable when their stomach is out of sorts :( x

  13. I hope your cat recovers completely soon! The cat toys are adorable!

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