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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #21


Squee Sunday

This week I got new yarns as payment for helping my friend, Jeremy Rodden, with the book cover for The Myth of Mr. Mom! It is 6 balls of Valley Yarns Lenox, which sadly is on closeout, though that means it was super cheap to pick up this much merino/alpaca/cashmere. :)

The color is “eggplant” and I can tell it’s going to be a pain to take pictures of it since it’s right on the border between blue and purple. Or at least my camera thinks so.

It’s going to become a Juneberry Triangle shawl.

My knitting group is going to be knitting this en masse in January, so keep an eye out for it!

I also received a copy of Metal Gear HD Collection for my services:

Lastly I got a box for all my floss because I was afraid it’d get all tangled up, and I had gotten more colors for other projects. I decided to sort through a bag of buttons I had and put the most plentiful ones in the box as well. I made this image a bit bigger so you guys could click on it and see the buttons closer up, because some of them are pretty neat.

What did you have to squee about this week?


  1. I can’t wait to see that yarn in person – it looks so squishable! I love how organized your box is – very nice!!

  2. The yarn is lovely! I love your button/floss box. I have a few of those with floss but I never thought to use one for buttons. Brilliant idea!

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  4. Well it looks like it’s a beautiful yarn, whether the color is quite right or not. It’ll make a great shawl!

  5. I think that’s an excellent match of yarn to project :-)

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