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WIP Wednesday #34


Ugh. I’m a horrible person that missed an FO Friday last week. This is not due to lack of FOs. This is due to Steam having an awesome sale over the holidays and me spending any free time not knitting playing video games.

The hideous gigantic hat from last week has been felted and blocked, but I still want to accessorize it so you won’t see it this Friday.

I cast on the Juneberry Triangle shawl on January 1 along with a few other members of my knitting group. I’m doing mine in Valley Yarns Lenox, which is soft and smooshy and awesome and I LOVE IT OMG.

Sigh...stupid iPhone got too much "exposure" again...

I wouldn’t say the pattern is hard, but it’s challenging and it needs a lot of attention paid to it. There is lacework on both sides of the knitting. In the first couple charts you get a “rest” row (all purls) only every 4th row, and by chart D there aren’t any rest rows left. There are stitches like Slip-slip-purl, bobbles, and knit/purl three together. This is not a “knit while in a group” project at all.

Here’s a progress shot of my crocheted skirt!

It was taken at a weird angle, so I assure you that this skirt is only just below the knees. Also, it’s hard to see in my hermit-cave apartment, but I’ve switched over to the purple yarn. Lastly, I’m hoping that with tights and a slip, you won’t see my stupid chunky lumps like you do in this picture. Bleh.

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  1. Have you thought about making a lining for the skirt. A lining would hide any bumps and would help prevent your skirt stretching out of shape. Just a thought, it would be pretty easy to make.

    • That’s a big no, because I can’t sew and I don’t have a machine besides. :) It wouldn’t be easy to line either since the skirt is very shaped, and I’d have to stop before it got to the lacy part. I figured I’d just get a shaper-slip. I need one anyway. I lost weight and all my slips were too big so I had to ditch ’em.

  2. Well, if you’re a horrible person for missing ONE FO Friday, I’m a horrible person times like 30!! Anyway, I hope to start Juneberry this year. Sounds like I’ll need to bring teh brain cellz to it!

    If the plain slip/tights don’t work, you can always get some Spanx! I have some of their thigh-highs, and they are actually comfortable. Never tried the rest of the stuff ’cause I just don’t wear slinky clothes. ;)

  3. The skirt is looking great, and with the right underwear will be absolutely perfect :)

  4. ooh… your shawl looks lovely!

  5. The skirt is fabulous. You will look smashing. The lace is lovely.

  6. For having cast on that shawl just a few days ago, you’ve made tremendous progress. Can’t wait to see it after blocking!

  7. Love the skirt! Definitely get a slip if you had to toss your older ones – also you won’t have to worry about your undies showing and such :).

  8. Skirt looks awesome!! you have done a great job!!

  9. What hips? Your gorgeous, the skirt just needs blocking! Lookin good :0)

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