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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #29


Squee Sunday

Yesterday was the bridal shower my awesome bridesmaids set up for me! It was a fantastic time. The pictures haven’t been uploaded anywhere yet, but here is a shot of my new keurig and pod storage, already in place in the kitchen!

So many choices!

We also received two Ott Lites, a set of gorgeous toasting glasses, a gift card to Target, an immersion blender, and some stuff I’m forgetting because I’m too lazy to get the list in the living room. :) We also got to keep one of tea-serving-trays, and a teacup and saucer set (the latter was the party favor and everyone got one!).

Also, one friend gave me a KnitPicks gift card, so I have a couple skeins of Swish Bulky on the way, which is one of their more costly yarns and not one I’d get without a gift card. Also, a small book of crocheted aran pillows, which might someday benefit Todd since I thought it a bit unfair that he doesn’t get anything out of a KnitPicks gift card. :)

What did you squee about this week?


  1. Wow – awesome gifts! I didn’t know the Keurig had a storage for underneath – you’ll have to let me know how you like it!! Did you wear your Mad-Hatter outfit?

    • The storage thing came separately. :)

      And yes, yes I did! My friend who took pictures was silly and left her camera, so I’ll be waiting a bit to get the pictures back. She had a nice one with a flash so I didn’t take any with my iPhone.

  2. Glad you had a great time. And get some yarn!
    You made me think of my bridal shower in Canada, my husbands Canadian, and I am UK, I remember having two, and having a great time!

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