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WIP Wednesday #36


I’m blacking out my website from 8am to 8pm today in protest of SOPA, but I have no idea if that will also be blacking out my RSS feed. Anyone reading this between those times outside of the site, you won’t be able to comment in between those times. Just FYI. :)

Adelei is off the needles! Here is a pic of what part of it looks like unblocked.

And since so many other people got fingerless mitts this year, but I haven’t gotten any, I’m stashbusting by using some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes I had sitting around. Both skeins are the colorway “Stormy” but have different dye lots.

I have some new OttLites now from my bridal shower, so colors are coming up nicely even though it’s dark right now and my phone camera is meh. I set up the desk lamp in the bedroom so I could see what I’m doing while knitting at the computer, and took these pics with the light shining right on it. The mitts in particular look very different. In normal light, they look more green than the gray the OttLite reveals it to be.

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Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. Adelei looks gorgeous, lovely colour.

    Good on you blacking out your blog for SOPA. Even though I’m in the UK, I did consider it but had no idea how to go about doing it!

  2. I also blacked out my site yesterday, though I didn’t write a blog post. I suspect I will be putting one up in the next day or so! I love the shawl! And fingerless mitts are by far one of my most favorite accessories!

  3. Can I just say that I LOVE the name of your website? Children of the 80s, unite!

  4. Very pretty!!!

  5. I really like that Adelei – lovely color you chose :) I have now queued it myself :)

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