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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #30


Squee Sunday

I went to see Man Man again last night! I know I squeed about Man Man before, but this time we went to Sketch Burger before the show. It’s a really small restaurant, but the burgers are HUGE and delicious! And the shakes are good, too!

The concert was at Union Transfer, which is a venue we haven’t been to before. Todd says it’s only been open for a year or so and that it used to be a Spaghetti Warehouse. I liked it and I wouldn’t mind seeing more concerts there, which is good because we’re going to one in April. =D

Off topic a bit, anyone who knows me knows I hate most slow songs. I don’t know what it is, but they just irritate me, which is bad because I need some slow songs for my wedding. do you think this one by Man Man is way too sad to play? Todd and I both like it, but most people want love songs or some crap, I dunno.

What did you squee about this week?


  1. I think if you two like it than that’s what you use! It’s a cool song and the words seem sweet too so why not?! Our wedding song wasn’t a super slow song either but we both liked it and it worked for us.

    • I don’t want this one to be our “wedding song”. Just a slow song that plays at some point. Though our “wedding song” is also non-traditional, heh! Not sure how we are gonna dance to it yet.

  2. I feel old, no clue who or what you’re talking about. Man man? Thankfully you said concert, so I can assume it’s a musician of some sort. lol I need to do something beside yarn stuff I guess to know what’s going on. lol

    • I put the video up so people could hear what they sound like, though most of their songs don’t actually sound like that song. His voice always sounds like that, though.

  3. The important thing is you select the song both of you agree on. I am into the idea of not using a traditional wedding song. It is great to try something new to make the event more memorable and entertaining.

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