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WIP Wednesday #37


Worked on a couple things this past week!

First, I got to the edging chart on the Juneberry shawl. This is gonna take me a while, but here’s how it’s looking unblocked. I think I have about 6 repeats done at the moment.

I got a couple of skeins of KnitPicks Swish Bulky with the giftcard one of my friends gave me at my bridal shower, and worked on both of them. First, I made a Capucine, which is now finished. But here’s a WIP picture of it!

And then I started in on a pair of Zephyr Mitts. I’m hoping to have enough to make them full-on mittens. This is exactly where I’m at with them right now.

For more works in progress, check out Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post for this week!

Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. You have a lot going on! I really like the stitch pattern of the shawl.

  2. Those mitts are a gorgeous colour :) Love the look of the shawl too

  3. Juneberry looks lovely already. Great mitts; I’d think you should get full mittens from a skein!

  4. that shawl is going to be awesome. I hope you have enough yarn for mittens.

  5. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh. You are making me want to cast on Juneberry RIGHT NOW. It looks so fun!

  6. That Juneberry edging is just gorgeous! Had to go “favorite” the shawl after seeing your pic. : )

  7. Everything looks great! I love the edging on your shawl.

  8. I’ve been admiring the Capuchine pattern recently, and that yarn looks brilliant—can’t wait to see the finished hat on Friday. Those Zephyr mittens are amazing, too, I adore the texture on the backs.

  9. Ohhh, everything looks so pretty. Can’t wait to see those mittens done.

  10. The edging on the June shawl is gorgeous! I love the Zephyr mitts :)

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