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KCBW 2012 #2: Photography Challenge Day!


For a little bit I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to post today because I am balls at photography and even more balls at creative photography. Then I noticed that photo manipulations would count towards today’s challenge! I wouldn’t say, “Oh boy, Photoshop! That’s where I’m a viking!” but at least I can be a little creative with it.

Weezing in his natural habitat.

I found a nice free stock photo of a lava cave, manipulated that a bit, and then dropped in my good friend Weezing and added some smoke for good measure. He looks almost like he could be alive, doesn’t he?


  1. What a cute Weezing! It’s been a while for me to see a pokemon, I played it a lot on my gameboy. Brings back some good memories.

  2. Great photo! I can almost feel that cool damp cave:)

  3. Great photo. I love the atmosphere you have created.

  4. You are totally a viking in photoshop, this is awesome.

  5. Great picture ! You totally rock photoshop !

  6. Now I really need to get photo shop!

  7. So cool! Weezing is adorable!

  8. Very cool – I can feel him staring at me!!

  9. They look like they’re flying through a vortex or hurtling toward somewhere. Very cool!

  10. I love the picture. I wish I could master photoshop like that.

  11. I miss my old school pokemon! That is very cool :) Way to get creative!

  12. I love it, it looks great!

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