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KCBW 2012 #4: A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?


Speedy Cabled Cowl & Beanie Set

I made this when it was still a bit warm. Look at the sleeves on my shirt, hahaha!

I’ve heard some people say, “It’s too hot to knit.” NEVER. IT IS NEVER TOO HOT TO KNIT. That is what air conditioning is for! Granted, sometimes my fingers sweat and it will be impossible for me to work with yarn in any capacity, but in general I am knitting or crocheting all year round, and often without regard to the season.

I’ve knitted hats and scarves for myself and others in the summer for when it got warmer. I don’t really like making scarves, but hats? LOVE IT. I also make fingerless gloves all the time, too. They’re useful for work.

When it gets warmer, I do tend to make shawls. They go nice with dresses and keep my shoulders warm in the office, and help prevent sunburn when I’m outside. Around Christmas, I tend to crank out some nice winter-wear for all the ladies in my life who love my crafts and I exchange gifts with. I make toys pretty much all year round, because toys, that’s why!

I want to try to start a sweater or cardigan this summer. It will be my first one, and I figure I have to start it in the summer so I will have it finished for when it gets colder. I’m not worried about it being too hot to make it, either. Like I said, NEVAR! ┬áIf I couldn’t knit or crochet I’d probably end up vegging out in front of World of Warcraft all the time, not doing anything else. And that would be sad.


  1. Shawls seem to be everyone’s go to summer knitting project!

  2. Hee Hee – love the knits with the sleeveless shirt!!

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