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KCBW 2012 #5: Something A Bit Different


I did a RageGuy comic for this post last year, so I decided to do a more traditional comic this year.

Before you become too impressed with me, I traced pictures in photoshop with the pen tool for this. Though I did change the hair to be my hair. :)

Anyone else’s cat do this?

If you’re still impressed with me, feel free to go nominate me over on the Creative Post Nomination Form. :)


  1. Love… and nominated!

  2. Our two kitties ALWAYS do this!! There could be 5-6 balls of yarn on the floor but man if I have knitting needles out, THAT is what they’re interested in! Love it! :)

    • We got mind this wooden dowel that has detachable different thingies that dangle from it, and she won’t go near the danglies. She wants to chew on the stick. -_-


  4. So cute! We don’t have our wee pussy cat anymore :(
    He was a yarn nut…. I have trouble with the kids and knitting needles!

  5. My cat is only interested in yarn when I’m actually knitting with it…

  6. That’s hilarious. I didn’t know cats went for the needles too or instead. It’s almost like they’re dogs.

  7. They don’t like performing on command, lol.

  8. YES! I can’t get my cats to play with yarn when it’s on my own inititative, but no matter what they’ll go after my needles. I don’t understand the attraction. They also love pens and pencils. And tubes of lip balm.

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