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KCBW 2012 #6: Improving Your Skillset


So, today I’m supposed to talk about how I feel I am doing in my knit and crochet skillsets.

Most of you know I can crochet like a champ. I’ve made tunics, blankets, skirts, and toys, and I can do them pretty quick if I feel like it. But there’s still some areas I either don’t have a lot of experience with or haven’t tried at all. Some of the ones I’d like to at least try or improve within a year or two are:

  • Broomstick Lace
  • Hairpin Lace
  • Tunisian¬†Crochet

I’m a lot worse at knitting than I am with crochet. I can fudge a crochet pattern and get it to fit me, but I’m not really good with fixing my gauge at all in knitting. This is why I have not yet knitted myself a sweater. ¬†I can knit lace like a champ, but if it has to be a certain size, fuggatabouddit. Here’s a list of things I need to do and things I suck at doing and have to fix in knitting:

  • make a sweater
  • entrelac
  • fair isle
  • double knitting

There’s more, but if I make the list too long, I’ll never do any of them.

Oh, and here’s a couple recent achievements – one each for knit and crochet – that I haven’t gotten around to posting the FO information to this blog yet. :)

Juneberry Triangle Shawl

Crochet Spiderweb Skirt


  1. Getting gauge is always difficult, but it’s definitely something to persevere with, it so great to be able to make something that fits!

  2. That crochet skirt is badass! That might be enough to inspire me to crochet!

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