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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday: MSW 2012


Squee Sunday

I’ve decided not to bother numbering these anymore because I am unreliable and have been skipping weeks with Mr. Linky, but feel free to still post on Sundays if you’d like.

I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday, and I came back with mad lootz, yo!

What a haul, what a haul!

Here was one of my last fines, but one of the most important:

A Tennis Ball!

Yes. Yes I DO need this for a project, and hopefully on Wednesday I’ll have that started for when I try to start doing WIP Wednesday again (though I may not Mr. Linky it, I don’t have time to check everyone’s posts so I feel bad about doing the meme as a whole).

I got some interesting-looking size 3 needles for a project that I realized I got the wrong yarn for so that was sort of a waste, but the crochet hooks for fixing oopsies are super cute. Plus they can be used as cable needles. Me likey.

I made my annual stop by Turnstyles for some woodworking awesomeness. Picked up a needle case and a couple of mini styluses. They hook into the headphone jack of a phone and stay there until you need them. Very nice. Will be useful for Draw Something on the phone, since my iPad stylus is way too huge.

And now what you’ve been waiting for: THE YARN!

Just Our Yarn Almaza

This was going to be for the Bigger On The Inside shawl, but then I realized I was mistaken and it takes fingering, not lace. So I’ll probably use it for something done by Goddess Knits.

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine

This one is marked as fingering, but it’s so thin that I think it might work for a Wispy Cardi. And they have a fingering recommended along with the lace, it seems.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Decima

This one is most likely destined to become a Little Leaves shawl. May go up a needle size to use more of the yarn. Hoping I have enough gold beads left over from my veil to go with this.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino

There was a sweater I was thinking of that would take 10 balls of this yarn as it’s held double, but I only found 9 balls (only 8 made it into the picture, but I assure you I have 9). I found a beaded dress that would be a massive undertaking but leave a few balls of yarn left over for maybe some sort of shawl or something. We shall see.

Cestari Island Collection

I intend for this to become a lightweight and super simple v-neck pullover.

Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi

This is going to become an Entrelac Shawl with Tassels. I’ll probably have to pick up a solid to do the border, though. I think I only have enough for the entrelac part.

Highlands Mercerized Cotton Yarn

This one isn’t even in Ravelry proper. I got it to become some sort of tee or tank top, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I never did find any Hempathy today, so this will do.

Still River Mill Yakaboo

Because Yakaboo, that’s why. Also, it’s really soft, it came with a free pattern for gloves that looked super cute, and also, Yakaboo!

Feel free to post a link to your Squee Sunday post below.


  1. That is A LOT of loot! V Jealous indeed!!

  2. So jealous about all of that yarn…stupid spending freeze.

  3. Ooooh, bring it Tuesday so we can all fondle it!!!!

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