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WIP Wednesday #40


Just a quickie post because one of my friends has been sad I’ve stopped posting so she has no idea what I’ve been doing. Don’t be sad, Stef!

This weekend on the bus home from MS&W, I started my first entrelac project AND learned how to knit backwards! I was smart and put a video for it onto my ipad, heehee. It is going to be a clutch. I may have to beg my mom to help me line it.

I’ve got 8 rows of blocks so far, but there is another project that is on a schedule, and now that I finally have a tennis ball for it, I put the entrelac aside and started the new project Monday night.

Head over to Tami’s Amis if you’re lookin’ to see things other people are making RIGHT NOW OMG.

Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. OMG indeed!

    lovin the entrelac! I love what it does to colour chainging yarn!

    WTF is the tennis ball thingie?!?! I GOTS TO KNOW!

  2. I love the entrelac, especially the colour change, it looks great. Usually I hate entrelac so be very complimented =P

  3. Yay!!! It’s not that I’m sad… I like looking at your pretty things! Since I can’t see them in person while you are making them, this is the next best thing!!! Btw, is entrelac difficult?

    • Entrelac is not difficult if you have a good pattern. Knitting backwards isn’t really that difficult either, but similar to when you started knitting, you will start out slowly and if you keep forcing yourself to do it you’ll get faster. I think entrelac would be unbearable if I had to keep turning the work after a couple stitches.

  4. Loving the colors of the Entrelac!

  5. Gorgeous entrelac! I am so impressed by the knitting backwards. That is genius stuff:)

  6. The entrelac looks great. Yay to new skills and portable video tutorials!

  7. Yup, nothing made me want to learn backwards knitting quicker than when I was knitting an entrelac scarf!! I love the colors you’re using. Looks great!

  8. The entrelac bag looks awesome so far. I can’t believe it’s your first Entrelac project. Whenever I finish my yarn diet that’s definitely one skill I want to learn!

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