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WIP Wednesday #41


I almost forgot to post this week again. I can’t put up my little tennis ball project because it’s almost done and being gifted this weekend, but the entrelac purse has been blocked and I’m lollygagging on seaming it.

I also did a couple gauge swatches for a Shapely Tank Top with that big hank of cotton I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool. One of them came out good, I thought:

But then after I cast on it was way too big. So I did extra decreases so now I have way less stitches than even the smallest size in the pattern (I am doing negative ease as the pattern suggests). I’m a bit worried I decreased it TOO much. I know it will still stretch to fit me but I wonder how much length it will have to sacrifice to do so. It does still seem to fit within some of my t-shirts though, so I guess I’ll just cross my fingers.

Head over to Tami’s Amis if you’re lookin’ to see more WIPs.


  1. Such a big risk, I really hope it pays off. The color is so pretty that it better :)

  2. Hope you will try to get the thing done to fit you. It seems really pretty and cool with these multi-colors. :)

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