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Luna scarf #3

Luna Lovegood Scarf


Luna scarf #3

Scarf #3 is the closest one I did to the original.

Luna Scarf #1: Blocking Wires

Scarf #1: Blocking Wires

There are a couple of Luna Lovegood scarves out there, but as I started crocheting them as X-Mas gifts one year, I realized that there were a few inaccuracies compared to the original scarf:

  • Each row of the original scarf is different
  • the clusters are not all the same size
  • the picots actually do line up in an organized way

The perfectionist in me needed to get as close to the original scarf as possible, so I heavily modified the pattern that was the most accurate. Thank you, PinkLeo, for your Luna Lovegood Scarf pattern, without which my version would not have been possible. :)

Please do not use this pattern for profit. Harry Potter is a huge franchise and if they ever decide to publish their own version of this pattern you can bet there will be repercussions if they find you selling their stuff.

This pattern assumes you know how to read a pattern!


  • 400 yards of dk weight yarn (I used 3 skeins of Knit Picks Swish DK, but it was a close thing)
  • US Size G Hook (Size E or F if you are a loose crocheter, I crochet tight. You have been warned.)
  • Embroidery needle for tucking in ends


  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet

Special Stitches

  • V-Cluster: 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc
  • Big-Cluster: 10 dc in same space space
  • Mini-Cluster: 5 dc in same space
  • Arch: skip 3 dc. 3dc in next dc. 2 dc in next 2 dc. 3dc in next dc. skip last 3 dc.
  • Picot: Sc, ch 3, sl st in top of sc you just made.


Luna Scarf #2

Luna Scarf #2

Ch 373.

Row 1: DC in 5th chain from hook (counts as first dc+ ch 1). (ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next ch) across. 185 ch 1 spaces, 186 dc.

Row 2: ch 3, turn. 2 dc in next ch 1 space. (ch 3, skip next ch 1 space, sc in next ch 1 space, ch 3, skip next ch 1 space, V-Cluster in next ch 1 space) across until there are only 2 spaces left. 2 dc in last ch 1 space. 1 dc in last dc (third ch of original ch 4). 43 V-Clusters.

Row 3: ch 3, turn. 2 more dc in same space. ch 3, Big-Cluster in next ch 1 space (ch 3, V-Cluster in next ch 1 space, ch 3, Big-Cluster in next ch 1 space) across. ch 3, 3 dc in last dc.

Row 4: ch 3, turn. 2 more dc in same space. ch 3. Arch. ch 3. (Mini-Cluster in ch 1 space. ch 3. Arch) across. ch 3, 3 dc in last dc. 23 Arches, 22 Mini-Clusters.

Row 5: ch 1, turn. sc in first dc and in every stitch and chain across. 484 sc.

Row 6: ch 1, turn. Picot in first stitch. (sc in next 6 sc. Picot in next sc) across. Picots should line up in the 2nd and 9th stitches of each Arch, and in the center DC of each Mini-Cluster. 70 picots. finish off.

Repeat rows 1-6 on the other side. I staggered mine so it’d look more like the original scarf, but you have to mess around at the end or you’ll come out with one less space than you need. I forget what I did.

In order to re-start row 1:

  • join with a slip stitch with the right side of the scarf facing you
  • ch 4 (counts as first dc + ch 1)
  • continue as normal for row 1

Block like a mofo. This thing twists all over the place.

Luna Scarf #1 Unblocked

Scarf #1 Unblocked

Luna Scarf #1: Stitch Detail

Scarf #1: Stitch Detail


  1. Once we’re moved and unpacked, I’ll have to get you an action shot with my scarf.

  2. Love this!! I made a similar one for the Ravolympics challenge last year… It’s an awesome scarf!

  3. So happy to see a beautiful scarf pattern! Most of mine are so ho-hum. Can’t wait to make this one!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, my husband stopped by an Alpaca farm last weekend just for me to see, and he bought me pure alpaca yarn! It was 9.5 ounces, I have been searching for the PERFECT thing for this glorious yarn, and low and behold, you have it here!!! TY TY TY TY. I am PRAYING I have enough yarn. I don’t know the yardage, it was some she had on a cone and rolled it into cakes for me, and we weighed it and she sold it to me. It is fingering 2 ply, so there should be enough. TY I printed this pattern just as soon as I saw it, this is a YES THIS IS THE PATTERN deal. Thank you

    • I’m glad you’re so excited about it! Be sure to put it on Ravelry if you have an account there so I see it when you finish! I’d like to see how much more delicate the stitches come out with a fingering weight!

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  6. Hi. I am stuck on row 4, a little confused. I dont understand the arch. Its probably a stupid question….but it says to skip double crochets….do I count the chain three and chain one spaces? I am really confused and cant seem to get it to work out right. Can someone please explain? I was doing amazingly up until then, and reallly love this scarf. I would really appreciate the help.

    • The double crochets you are skipping are all part of the “Big Cluster” areas in row three. So that’s 10 dcs.

      You skip the first 3 dcs in the “Big Cluster”. Then 3dcs all in the 4th dc from the “Big Cluster”, 2dc in the 5th, 2dc in the 6th, 3dc in the 7th, and then the arch is done (skip last 3 dc = 10 dc total).

  7. what about at the very beginning of row 4 where it says to do an arch? There is not a big cluster at the beginning? I’m sorry if I’m being a bother by asking, it’s just really confusing. I’ve never used a pattern quite like this. lol

    • Actually, there is definitely a big cluster at the beginning of row 3. Maybe you switched up the pattern in row 3 and that’s why you’re having trouble?

      Row 3 has the 3dc in the same space, ch 3, big cluster, on both ends.

      Then in Row 4, you will have the 3dc in same space, ch 3, arch, on both ends.

  8. I meant at the end. But it didn’t end as a big cluster for me for some reason. I have all the right amount of stitches and what not I dont understand what I’m doing wrong. :/ It ends with the v cluster and the chain three, three double crochet in last dc for me.

  9. Hi,
    Am I being slack but can you please explain the first row to me. I didn’t know whether you missed 185 spaces/chains then did dc’s in the next 186 or you dc’d every alternate space/chain because if you do it the first way (as I did originally) you get a big loop and I really don’t know what to do. If it isn’t too much hassle, I would really appreciate you explaining the whole pattern simpler and sending it to me via email as I am really struggling but would LOVE to make this scarf. My address is . Thanks a lot :D Abigail

  10. When you start on the other side of the scarf, do you chain another 373, or just use what is already there? How do you start it off? I am stuck at this point. Do you make another one and join them in the end with eachother? I am loving this scarf so far. I am making it for a Birthday gift to my mom. Thanks for your help.

    • You use what’s already there. I’ll try to make that more clear in the pattern! I will also email this to you directly in case you forget to come back and check.

  11. Hi,
    I’m a beginner at crocheting and I was wondering if there was a simpler way that you could describe how to do this pattern? I don’t have anyone to ask about how to read instructions on crocheting so I’m having a little bit of a hard time understanding what I should be doing. I really love this scarf and want to make it so I hope that you can help me.
    Heather C-W

    • Hi Heather, This pattern assumes you at least know how to read a pattern. You should do a google search on how to read a crochet pattern or ask someone in the forums on if you need to be tutored in that, because I’m not good at teaching someone when I can’t sit with them and see what they’re doing.

  12. I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter and my best friend got me to take notice of Luna’s scarf which I HAD to have! Thank you for posting this pattern for all us HP lovers out there!! Here’s hoping this goes well!!

  13. I’m stuck. When I finished row 2 I have 45-47 V cluster, 47 if you include the beginning and ending dc’s. But I have the right amount of DC’s from row 1! So I don’t know where I messed up.
    If you could help I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!

    • I am almost positive I didn’t count the beginning and ending DCs since they aren’t really clusters.

      • Ok, taking that into consideration, I still have too many! :( I have 45 V-Stitches on Row 2. I thought something was up when I got to the end of cluster 45 and there were 4 squares left instead of the 2 like you said.

        I checked my Row 2 again, and it looks like I followed the pattern right. I have the right number of dc’s in Row 1 and everything. I just don’t know what I didn.

        • Did you miss some single crochets maybe? I just did the counts again and it’s still coming up 43 for me.

          • I unraveled all of it and started over after my chains. Which I did have enough of.
            Hopefully I get it right this time.
            On “Row 2: ch 3, turn. 2 dc in next ch 1 space” is that the first ch1 square or the second?
            Thank you for all your help!

            • I’m sorry I keep bugging you. I don’t know if I’m readding the patter wrong or what! I finished row 2 for the 4th time and when I finish the 43rd cluster I still have 12 ch 1 spaces left! 12 squares! I have the right about of chains ofor the foundation, the right about of spaces and dc for row 1, but when I finish row 2 and get to 43 clusters I have too many spaces left! I wish I could figure out what I was doing wrong.

              • When you’re counting in row 2, don’t just count the clusters. I tend to count like this:

                “End DCs. skip space, SC, skip space, cluster, skip space, sc, skip space…”

                That way I get into a sort of “one, sc, two, cluster, one, sc, two, cluster” groove and I can see where I missed skipping a space or an SC. I’ve done it before.

              • I came up with these same exact numbers every time I tried it. I’ve redone this row 3 times with the same numbers. Am I doing something wrong and just not realizing it? I also have the right number of double crochets in the first row. I apologize if it’s something really stupid that I’m doing wrong.

                • Even after not counting ones on either end?

                  • Mhm. It must just be some stupid careless mistake that I’m making. :/ If you do find something on your end though, please let me know. I haven’t been this excited about a pattern in forever. :) I’ll play around with it and see if I can get numbers to match up.

                    • I have too many projects right now to start another Luna scarf to do a count, I’m sorry. :-(

                    • Just tried this pattern. Have ripped it 4 times. I get the same thing you do. I get the whole 186 dc each time. Even had someone else recount for me. Then I start the 2nd row. Not counting the 1st “ch3 skip space DC2 in same space” since it’s not a full cluster, I still have11 spaces left after I get to 43rd cluster. Have you figured it out yet? Cause it looks like I’m going to have to rip for the 5th time and the yarn won’t take it anymore. It’s driving me crazy since I love this pattern!!

                    • You could try decreasing your beginning chain by 2x the amount of extra spaces you’d have left if you did the end half-cluster. I’m sorry I don’t have time to re-work this pattern. I have a few really big projects right now before I can make another scarf.

  14. This is lovely! It looks quite long, though; if one wanted to shorten it just a bit, by what increment of stitches should one shorten it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have a lovely day!

    • I’m not precisely sure, but I THINK you want to decrease by multiples of 8 on that beginning chain. Every 8 stitches you take off is 4 less chain 1 spaces in row one, 2 less v-clusters in row two, and 1 less v-cluster and 1 less big cluster in row three.

  15. I also have 45 V-clusters.

  16. I love the Luna Lovegood scarf. It looks so complicated, yet is so simple. I’m using a yarn that was waiting for this long pattern- gunpowder green with sparkles.
    Clearly you are a gifted person – Keep bringing ring them on. Thank you

  17. I’m relatively new at this, so pardon the newbie question. I recently acquired 3 skeins of worsted weight yarn, and I wanted to know if, using an appropriate hook, the 3 will be enough to make this scarf. Will it come out just being a larger scarf in all proportions and the beautiful spaces in tact, or will it just look like a normal scarf with interesting stitches and no spaces? Thank you for posting this pattern. I’m very much looking forward to trying it out, even if I have to buy different yarn.

    • I’m not sure how much yardage a worsted weight scarf would take, but this scarf is already so long that you might want to shorten it up if you decide to use worsted weight. There should be some comments where we talk about how to shorten the scarf.

      As for using an appropriate hook, I think that if you use an H or an I hook you should be okay and get all the spaces you’re expecting, but any bigger and the clusters might be too loose.

  18. Hello! I came across this pattern and love it! Right now I am on row 5 with all the sc’s and realized after coming up with only 392 sc’s, there may have been a misprint, or I followed wrong. Doing the math, there are 23 arches (230 st’s),22 mini cl’s (110 st’s there), the only thing I could figure was there are supposed to be 3 sc’s in the ch sp’s. Had to dbl check your pattern online to see if you left out the 3. Anyway, we’ll see if I come out right in the end. Hopefully it works out and all I need to figure out is who to give this to!

  19. Thank you! After a long hiatus from crocheting, I have been searching for a beautiful scarf that has organized instructions so I can jump in again. Finally.. :-)

  20. hi! i love crocheting, but i’m stuck on row 3 :( when you say “ch 3, Big-Cluster in next ch 1 space”, where is the next ch 1 space?? how do you find it?

  21. Can you verify for me, in row 4, after the first arch and mini cluster, you only chain 3 after each mini cluster? no more chain 3 between the arch and mini cluster? thanks in advance!

  22. I’m also having some serious trouble with row 2. I’ve double checked my work–I’ve even used markers to help me keep count–and I’ve done everything right in the chaining and row 1. I’m not sure how you or others got 43 clusters. I have 45. How do I fix this? Is this such a big issue, or can I just plow right through it?

  23. I decided to plow right through having 45 V stitches from row 2, and it works out fine. You end with a V stitch when you get to row 4 anyway. Even if I had 43 V stitches like the pattern said I should, it’d end the same. Getting to my point, I’m having trouble with the beginning arch in row 4. If row 3 never ended on a Big Cluster, how can i do the arch? I would’ve needed an even number of V stitches from row 2 in order to end row 3 with a big cluster. If there’s a way for me to work this out, let me know.

  24. I decided to plow right through having 45 V stitches from row 2, and it works out fine. You end with a V stitch when you get to row 4 anyway. Even if I had 43 V stitches like the pattern said I should, it’d end the same. Getting to my point, I’m having trouble with the beginning arch in row 4. If row 3 never ended on a Big Cluster, how can i do the arch? I would’ve needed an even number of V stitches from row 2 in order to end row 3 with a big cluster. If there’s a way for me to work this out, let me know!

    • I don’t know. I clearly have to make this scarf again and people keep asking me questions and I don’t have time to make a 5th one of these!

      I’d say you can try switching where the arches go, but no guarantees on that.

  25. This scarf has no hidden stitch tricks. It is straightforward,and simple; however, if you have never crocheted or cannot read a pattern you will struggle with any pattern.
    Find a crochet tute before attempting.
    I can’t wait to use other types and weights of yarn for making more. Thank you so much for this pattern, and Happy New Year Sweetie

  26. Just trying to make sure I’m doing row 2 correct…
    After the first cluster,
    Chain 3 skip one-single crochet in next-chain 3 skip one – 2 double crochet in next-chain 3 skip next- 1 single crochet in next- chain 3 skip one cluster in next? Is this correct?

  27. I’m working this pattern with Caron simply soft yarn and a size f hook, I’m on row 5-first side. It is looking good! It so far measures almost 2 inches, my daughter likes her scarves about 4 inches. Thank you so much for posting this pattern!

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