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Almost but not quite done.

Work In Progress Wednesday #7


Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first!

  1. Strangling Vines has passed the 5 foot mark. I think it will hit at least one more foot before the yarn runs out.
  2. Started a crochet present for Lenny, my fiancé’s oldest brother. I can’t tell you what it is or put up a picture because he’s on my Facebook and might see it.  I’ll probably set up the FO for the 17th since it’s not a big project.
  3. Got a few more repeats done of the Eyelet Fan Scarf.

Now let’s get to what you’re here for: PICTURES!

I made and completed my first baby sweater, but this is WIP Wednesday so you get the WIP pictures.  The pattern is 5 Hour Baby Sweater. It took me more than 5 hours but much less than 12 hours.  That’s all I really know. :)

I thought I would be clever and knit the arms in the round, but then I realized this was a mistake because I got huge armpit holes that just wouldn’t quit even with some k2tog action.

Almost but not quite done.

Almost but not quite done.

Pit holes!

Pit holes!

Crystal Palace Yarns is holding a KAL for their Sausalito Scarf and their Jasmine Lace Scarf, and you can enter it in their Ravelry forum. You only get put in the prize drawing if you use CPY products.

I wasn’t going to enter because I only had panda silk that wouldn’t really suit either scarf, and after mentioning this in the forum a little yarn fairy sent me a couple balls of mini mochi! So I decided to knit Sausalito due to it’s lack of FOs, and I am calling it my Mochilito Scarf.

Diggit enjoys the mini mochi.

Diggit enjoys the mini mochi.

Mochilito: size 7 needles

Mochilito: size 7 needles

Mochilito, size 6 needles

Mochilito, size 6 needles

It looked like mess on the 7s as you can see. It’s amazing what changes one size down will wrought on a project. It looks so much better now! I think it may also be that the Knit Picks needles I changed to are more comfy in my hands.

Also of note is that Dijjit likes this yarn. Normally, she is indifferent to yarn at best. Usually she goes right for my knitting needles, even if they are the straights or dpns. She’s wacky.

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  1. Cute baby sweater! I’ve always gotten holes whenever I knit sleeves in the round too. Wish I knew how to avoid it, but my cheat fix is just to do a tiny bit of seaming when I sew the ends in!

    Loving the colours in your Mini Mochi scarf, it looks like it’s knitting up beautifully!

  2. Mums the word on the gift for the brother. I always laugh when I see something titled 5 hour sweater, 5 hour ghan….right. It always takes longer then they say. The sweater is cute though.

    • I think if I were to do that sweater again on a day where I didn’t have a headache it might only take me 5 hours. But since it was a first time and I was fumbling with my needles at first, it took me probably about 7 hours.

  3. I like the scarf and the mini mochi. I have some, but not in that color….

  4. Ooh – I need a little yarn fairy!! Everything looks great …

    • I wasn’t expecting a yarn fairy, TBH, but I guess because I was in the CPY year-long KAL last year, and I’m taking part in this year’s, plus numerous other ones, the yarn fairy decided to gift me extra sitting-around yarn. <3

  5. Very cute sweater!!! And lucky you, having a yarn fairy…

  6. Kitteh!!! I love the scarf and I totally put it on my queue. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you! :-)

  7. Love the baby sweater and the color of the scarf. How on earth did you get your cat not to care about yarn. My cat is as obsessed with yarn as I am but she is into destruction not creation! Christina

  8. Love the baby sweater! I would just seam the holes together, as others have suggested. I have a skein of that Mini Mochi I think! If it’s not that color, it’s SUPER close.

  9. I love that you got a picture of Dijjit with the yarn. She looks so happy!

  10. The baby sweater is so cute, I’m sorry about the holes in the armpit area. :(

    I love the mochilito too — the colors and yarn look so yummy. I especially love the photo of your kitty playing with the yarn. What a beauty!

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