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Work in Progress Wednesday #8


I don’t really have a lot of pictures to show you because I actually have a bunch of FOs instead of new WIP work. Pictures at the end, but first, a list:

  • Made a baby hat to match the sweater
  • Finished Lenny’s birthday present
  • Blocked Chianti
  • Completed a pokémon

I actually have a WIP picture for that pokémon.  It’s riveting. Check it out:


Awwwwww yeah.

Anyone who doesn’t know already want to wager a guess? Heehee.

Chianti will go up Friday and the baby hat and pokémon just scattered about on other weekdays. Lenny’s present…hm, probably on the 18th or 19th so it’s after he receives it. I have a ton of little projects that need to go up, too, like the kitty blanket, the Simply Stitch hat, some kitty toys, etc.

I also started another birthday present. I don’t THINK the recipient bothers to come look at the stuff I post, but just in case you only get this picture and that’s it.  And even this little bit is enough for him to identify the present.



I made a baby bootie. It came out huge and I don’t know if I’ll make a second one. I really, really hate booties that get seamed up the bottom and back. My seaming is the pits. You can see it no matter how I try. Good things babies don’t walk.

Ghetto Bootie

Ghetto Bootie

Awful seaming job

Awful seaming job

Lastly…OMG YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS OMG! I made a swatch!

I are a pain to pin!

I are a pain to pin!

I know it looks like Cassandra stretched all wonky like that (moisturize me, moisturize me), but I learned a few things from this swatch:

  • I think this yarn stretches enough for my intended project even though it calls for bulky!
  • Will need to be very careful to make sure the bind off is tight. It unraveled pretty good.
  • There is nothing quick or easy about purling with size 11 straights. Not even continental. Knitting continental is pretty quick, though.

For more WIPs, head over to Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post to get your fix!

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  1. Oh LOL – now I’m trying to guess which Pokemon it is – my DS is Pokemon crazy! I had to draw the line at crocheting Zekrom!

    • I’ve also made an Eevee and a Cyndaquil. I’m keeping to patterns that have already been written because I’m not quite clever enough to do my own yet.

  2. Jarett’s guess is…… a Ditto??? Love, the Dr. Who reference!! Can’t wait to see the finished objects!!!

  3. Love the swatch, even if you made it slightly creepy with the Dr Who reference ;)

  4. Love the Dr Who reference!

  5. I know nothing about Pokemon. I can’t even begin to guess. ;-)

    I totally agree about seaming baby booties. I pretty much hate to seam anything.

  6. Have no clue when it comes to pokemon, all I know is that little yellow thing. I am just amazed at the even roundness of it in crochet. I so do not do crochet.

  7. OH MY GOD, it TOTALLY looks like Cassandra!!! LOLOLOLOL That is so awesome! No idea on the pokemon, despite playing the ds games. :)

  8. Looks like you have lots of projects on the go. Good work on the swatching. I rarely do it either, but it really does help to get a feel for your project and give you some clues on how to handle it.

  9. Wow, so impressed with your productivity. I agree with you on the seamed booties. The only ones that I have made were pretty disastrous. There are some cute seamless ones on Ravelry now. Good job with the swatch. It is a pain, but will be worth it in the end.

  10. That yarn in the swatch is very cool looking! I’ve made some booties in the round, definitely wouldn’t try ones with seams myself!

  11. Wow you’ve been busy! I’ll definitely check back to see the FOs!

  12. It’s a nice feeling to have several recently finished projects, isn’t it? I look forward to seeing them on Fridays. Now you can start getting excited about what to start next!

  13. Such an interesting mix of wip you have. The little bootie is sooooooo cute.

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