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Can't see the beads this time. -_-

Work In Progress Wednesday #11


I forgot to write this post up last night, so now I’m rushing to get it done before work! Good thing I got up early! Got a bunch of stuff in progress.

Mike’s present is done. I don’t think I can put that up on Friday because he doesn’t get it until Saturday. What a pain!

Next up is the purse that all the Crazy Crochet Ladies have been working on. It’s a basketweave purse and originally it was made with bulky yarn held double stranded, but I can’t find any affordable bulky weight kitchen cotton anywhere so I just got worsted and I’m making this with an I hook. I hope I can find handles I like.

Basketweave Purse

It doesn't look like much yet...

Next is the start of the Washed Ashore Afghan, which I started at the Crazy Crochet Lady meeting on Saturday because I didn’t have anything else to crochet and I figured it’d be a good stash buster. I’ve had this yarn since a friend’s yarn gave it to me for a blanket, and that blanket is done and I STILL HAVE YARN! I may not have enough to finish the blanket, but I’ll just go as far as I can. No big deal.

Washed Ashore

11 rows, or so.

Last but not least I got a huge chunk of the Aeolian shawl for one of my bridesmaids done. I motored through the final agave chart and got 12 rows into the shortened edging chart. Then my size 14 hook I use for beading fell off my desk and fell hook first into the floor. Needless to say, the stupid flimsy thing is now broken, haha! I’ve ordered some new ones.

Can't see the beads this time. -_-

Can't see the beads this time. -_-

I couldn’t take a picture in the sunlight this time, so it isn’t as pretty as the last picture of it was. And you can’t see the beads. I found my real camera though, so I took it with that and at least the flash allows us to see all the lace detail. :)

For more works in progress, check out Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday post for this week!

Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday


  1. Thanks for the visit. Dang I wish your name link brought me to your blog, I always have to remind myself how to find you. Love the shawl. If you decide to do the purse again, I would think even if the cotton was chunky that you could use double kitchen cotton and have it work? Hobby Lobby has lots of purse handles.

  2. The purse looks pretty – good luck on finding the right handles :) Still loving the shawl, the lace work is fantastic

  3. Your WIPS are growing into beautiful items. Good luck finding handles, that is always the hardest part for me.

  4. The handles used on our purse ( are available at JoAnn’s. I think the brand is Simply Mary, or something like that.

    Good job, it looks pretty good! :)

  5. That washed ashore pattern looks very nice, and very nice yarn choice too!

  6. Oh, I love basketweave. I’ve only ever done swatches in it to see how it works, someday I’ll have to do a whole project. I think your purse is going to be awesome. The afghan is looking great, too, I like that colourway and it looks like it would be all fun and rhythmic to work on.

  7. Oh, I love the basketweave stitch. I made an afghan from it, and it looked great! I’m sure your purse will, too!

  8. You have a lot going on. Beautiful lace work.

  9. Wow, great projects! Looking forward to when you can share you FO! I love the basketweave stitch and look forward to your purse finished!

  10. The shawl is gorgeous! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished purse too!

  11. That lace shawl is just stunning, can’t wait to see it finished!

  12. I love basketweave too it looks so effective and shows off yarns with great stitch definition. Some fab projects xx

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