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War on WIPs


(See more people declaring war this week!)

I wasn’t going to do this event because I also post Wednesday and Friday, but…well…did you SEE all the UFOs I have that I haven’t touched in months and even years?

I figure the one I am most likely to finish this year, if any, is the Heirloom Afghan. I have a bunch of the squares already done and stuffed into a bag, and I’m sure I have all the yarn already.

I had been labeling them with black electrical tape written on with a silver permanent marker. I guess I’ll have to see what I’ve got and either find a new marker or some other way of labeling it for next week. And I have to find the damn book I was using, too.

I’m not sure when I stopped. It was probably when some insensitive person was like, “Ew, why are you making this with ugly 60s colors?” I guess that hurt more than I thought. Up until that time, I had thought I was using vibrant autumn leaves colors.

The War on WIPs also has a few “side quests”. I will quite likely accomplish organizing my knitting needle stash. I think my pattern queue is quite beyond help, though.


  1. Good luck with your afghan! I love looking at other peoples, but I’m not brave enough to make anything that big myself yet :)

  2. Personally I love the colours (definitely autumnal) and they don’t look 60s to me at all.

    Good luck with finishing :)

  3. Orange may not be my thang, but it’s YOUR afghan, so you go. TO WAR! This afghan shall falll!!…right onto your lap. Or bed. Whatever.

    I have at least twice as many WIPs as that. But I can only make war on so many at once.

    • I have twice as many WIPs as that as well, but the difference is the other half of WIPs are ones I’m actively working on. :) You can see them trailing down the side of this blog.

      And if you count all the projects I actually bought the yarn and patterns for, the amount of work I have to do is quite high indeed. XD

  4. Awesome thanks for joining, hope you are successful in your War against the afghan!

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